Effective Communication & Good Communication Skills [101-All You Need]

But life doesn’t stop, does it? The show must go on, and it will but with better and effective communication of yours. But there is so much to learn and trust me, we will do it all. What do you have to do? You just have to be patient and stick together till the end of the blog because we are going to discuss everything about communication and the list is long!


Richa Mehta: Beautiful Rulebreaker Or A Rising Sensation Of 2021?

How does it feel to be a person who is professional, enthusiastic, loves their job, and always positive? Who would know? I will tell you. Richa Mehta does. She’s a model, actor, event curator, and entrepreneur. What’s more? She is also highly professional at her work and always a happy-go-girl.

How To Write An Awesome Book Review-Reviewer Tips.

How To Write A Book Review– Whenever you read a book, there are mostly two things that can happen- either you will love it, or maybe just… Meh! Reading a book, for some is always more than just a hobby and so is reviewing it. It does not matter how you found that book to be, an honest opinion has to be put forth in a respectful manner so that…

How to Set Up A Book Blog And Make Money like a PRO in 2021?

How to set up a book blog and make money?- The love of reading for the binge readers has made it so difficult for them to get up and love any other job. But guess what? There is a way now so that you don’t have to stop reading and get some money on the way! Here’s how!


A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE GAME OF TRONES; How often it is that a series of books is adapted into a American fantasy drama television series which hits the mark and makes/creates a crazy fan base? Well, the answer to that is ‘not so often’ but Game Of Thrones [TV adaptation of the book series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE] is one of the few exceptions. But what…