19 Sep 2020


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You might wander the whole world but home is a home! Similarly, You can read authors from all across the globe and no doubt they’re AMAZING but reading an INDIAN AUTHOR feels exactly like EATING A PIZZA IN ITALY! DELICIOUS!

There are handful of Indian authors in English literature who are amazing not only Amazing writers but also passionate in person.

Indian authors in English literature
Indian Authors in English literature

Now that our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is promoting INDIA BASED GOODS, let’s support him by reading Indian authors!

So here I have a list of 04 Indian Authors in English literature who are amazing and the best at their job!

Indian authors in English literature, who’s match is yet to be found!


1. Arundhati Roy

Unseen Image of Arundhati roy
Arundhati Roy

Suzanna Arundhati Roy– A dreamer, believer and best known for her book THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS published in the year 1997 won the booker prize award, became the best selling author and came into fame.

Her life has not been less than a movie itself. Her parents separated when she was two and she moved with her mother.

As she grew and went to Delhi, she met her husband Mr. Pradip Krishen but later on, they separated as well.

Arundhati Roy also worked as screenplay writer. She wrote the screenplays for In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones in the year 1989 a movie based on her experiences as a student of architecture, in which she also appeared as a performer, and Electric Moon in the year of 1992.

Arundhati Roy, after the success of her book The god of small things also worked and wrote several other TV shows. One of them being The Banyan Tree.

Now she works as political activist and involved in human rights and environmental causes.

Arundhati Roy, no doubt is surely one of the Indian Authors in English literature making us proud!

2. Ruskin Bond

Unseen pics of Ruskin Bond
Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond- The one who made so many lives better. He is an Indian Author with British Decendent and currently lives with his adopted family in Mussoorie, India.

Ruskin Bond was born on 19 May 1934 and is into writing since 1951.

Bond, Ruskin Bond has been awarded several elite awards. He has been awarded the sahitya akademi award in 1992, Padma Shree in 1999 and Padma Bhushan in 2014.

Ruskin Bond was born in Kosouli, Punjab. He was very close to his father and describes the time when he lived with his father as the happiest time of his life.

Ruskin Bond is best known for his novels and poems. His work mostly take out a vivid picture of the hills and Himalayas and is influenced by them.

He started writing since he was in his schooling days.

Ruskin Bond started writing his first novel “The room on the Roof” when he was sixteen which was about the room he rented in Mussoorie and his friends. The novel was published when he was 21.

Ruskin Bond is best known for his work “our trees still grow in dehra“, The flight of pigeons and THE BLUE UMBRELLA.

The most senior of Indian authors in English literature! SALUTE!

Can’t decide what to read and where to start? Here’s the key!

3. Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat image

Chetan Bhagat- “Chetan Bhagat ki novels mein sex hi sex bhara hai!”

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Whether if he has heard praise or not, this is one of the phases he MUST have heard for sure!

Chetan Bhagat was born on 22nd of April 19 1974. His name was included in Times magazine New York top 100 most influential people in the year 2010.

Bhagat is an IIT-DELHI B. TECH Graduate. Later he did his MBA from IIM- Ahemdabad. Chetan Bhagat started his early career as an Investment Banker but then left his job to follow his passion in Writing.

Some of the most notable works of Chetan Bhagat include 5 point someone- also adopted as the iconic movie 3 idiots, 2 states- The story of my marriage, Half Girlfriend, Revolution 2020 and the list is long.

Indian authors in English literature making India famous for good!

4. Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth black and white image
Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth– a young man from Bengal reaching all the heights. Vikram Seth was born in Kolkata West Bengal on June 20 in the year 1952.

Vikram Seth is one of the Indian authors in English literature who are famous not only in India but the whole world. He has written 8 poetic books and 3 novels. The most famous being- A SUITABLE BOY.

Vikram Seth has won many national as well as international awards such as Padma Shri, Sahitya Academy Award, Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, WH Smith Literary Award and Crossword Book Award.

So these are the top Indian authors in English literature that you cannot miss out on! Also tell me more about INDIAN AUTHORS IN ENGLISH LITERATURE in the comments and let me know!

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