17 Oct 2020


Post by Nikita Prajapati

All the binge book readers know how different and odd it is to watch a horror movie or show when we could easily just read a book in peace (and be scared in 9998). Well, it’s not like we don’t have an option.

We have HORROR GENRE to the rescue! But do you know there’s further more in the horror genre than you know. Here we are reading about it and exploring it further!

What is Horror Genre?

Horror Genre

Horror is a Genre which is meant to scare, fright or disgust the reader. It is a kind of speculative fiction i.e. hasn’t been recorded in the history yet. It often induces the feeling of hatred (loath), repulsion or disgust into the reader. –Says Wikipedia.

While you read horror genre, it creates an haunted/ horrored atmosphere. You might also feel the wind getting poisoned… “Terror is in the air” is what horror Genre says!

The genre is completely supernatural. However it can be non-supernatural too.

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How it all started?

The Horror Genre’s history touches ancient origins of Greece and Rome with holds in folklores and religion. Those basically focusing on death, Afterlife, demons, evils and the spirit which embodies a person.

Stories were made out these. The stories had protagonists as vampires, witches, ghosts, demons etc. And that’s how it started…

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5 Horror Books To Read (Not at Nights) in 2020!

Below is a list of 5 Horror Genre books that released in 2020. But make sure you don’t read those at night!

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1. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Horror Genre book release in 2020
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Hold on people! The novel is already being advertised as “a reimagining of the classic Gothic suspense novel a story about an isolated mansion in 1950s Mexico.”

The story revolves around a young woman who is investigating her cousins claim that her husband is trying to murder her.

The novel was released on 30th of June this year.


“Hell yeah! This deliciously terrifying, gothic adventure will be adapted to Hulu limited series! I cannot wait to binge watch! What an amazing news!

OMG! I had no brain right now! The author stole it! I wish she would have put some bravery into my heart because I think I’m not gonna sleep at least for a week and I already brought back Christmas ornaments and enlightened house (I don’t have any idea how much electric bill will coast next month but I’m sure my husband will have the worst scream crying experience of his lifetime.)Read more.

2. Out Of Body by Jeffrey Ford

Horror books to read in 2020 in English language
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Do you know what a SLEEP PARALYSIS is? Have you ever experienced it? Do you know anyone who walks in, who has sleep paralysis?

Well, then BE READY to experience it all in the book out of the body by Jeffrey Ford. The book out of the body revolves around sleep paralysis or may be more darker, more deeper, more Sinister secrets!


Owen is an introverted small town librarian who, following a traumatic event, gains the ability to astral project into the “night world” while he sleeps. At first his disembodied observations offer him a deeper connection to the neighbors he mostly avoids in his waking life, but soon he discovers a hidden world of secret societies and horrifying monsters and must put his life on the line to save his small corner of the world from evil. Ford takes time exploring the nooks and knacks of his night world before bringing the frights; thankfully, his adeptness at everyday observation matches his skill at delivering creature feature thrills. The climactic set piece is intense and beautifully constructed.

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3. The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

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Woah Woah Woah Woah! This book is a SLASHER quite literally. This book is about 4 guys/dudes/friends. They’re haunted due to a mistake they made in their younger years during an elk hunt. SEE? KARMA!


THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS is a masterpiece. Intimate, devastating, brutal, terrifying, yet warm and heartbreaking in the best way, Stephen Graham Jones has written a horror novel about injustice and, ultimately, about hope. Not a false, sentimental hope, but the real one, the one that some of us survive and keeps the rest of us going.

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4. The wise friend by Ramsey Campbell

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How would you like a sober book? A big NAY! Because what is a horror book/horror genre without twists, turns and bits of screams?

The wise friend is just for you. Graved dark family shh’s, horrible terror and hauntings and the perfect blend of what you’ll need to have in a horror genre book in english to read in 2020!

The book released lately this year and Oh! Why not to read it you all horror lovers?


I hadn’t read a good horror tale in a while. I thought The Wise Friend was a stunning, dark, descriptive and magical character-focused horror tale. I adored it so much that I devoured it within 2 days. You know when Guillermo del Toro refers to an author as “an absolute master of modern horror” that he’s going to be pretty good. Real full review.

5. The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

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The QUICK NY TIMES BEST SELLING HORROR! I mean, for a reason! Readers are going mad about this book and adding them to their #alltimefavourites.

Something strange is going on at The Sun Down Motel. In 1982, 20-year-old Vivian Delaney stumbles upon a job opening as the night shift clerk at The Sun Down Motel, located in eerie Fell, New York.

Let me not say anything instead just show you some of the reviews by Goodreads.


Dark, Ghostly, & So Good!

Something strange is going on at The Sun Down Motel. In 1982, 20-year-old Vivian Delaney stumbles upon a job opening as the night shift clerk at The Sun Down Motel, located in eerie Fell, New York.

During her shifts, Vivian begins to notice some inexplicable occurrences at the rundown motel: doors randomly opening and closing, strange phone calls, the smell of cigarette smoke when no one is present. It seems that the Sun Down is haunted.

Making things even more dramatic are the creepy customers who come to stay. At the same time, young women in Fell are being murdered.

Vivian plays investigator and when she comes up with a lead, she vanishes without a trace. Fast forward to 2017….read more.

Woah woah woah!

Going nuts or what? These books are amazing and you should definitely check out these or you’re missing on alot buddy! Tell me more if you know about those Haunted and HORROR GENRE BOOKS!

I am Nikita Prajapati. A student, blogger, pianist, karateka, poet, reader, hopeless romantic and a lame comedian. Fortunately, I knew early that my heart has a deep set passion for writing, poems, books and literature and I decided to follow it!


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