18 Sep 2020


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ROMANTIC FANTASY BOOKS –Come on! This is lockdown and People have plenty of time to kill and are looking for activities to do but the book lovers know exactly what to do. WE ARE GOING TO READ AND READ AND READ and the endless loop follows!

ROMANTIC Fantasy books

There’s alot of content to intake. There’s Self help books, there are mythological books, there are thriller novels, there are mystery novels, there’s A HELL LOT OF SUSPENSE, there’s alot of CRIME (TO READ) and if here’s so many things and stuff to read, IT WILL BE A SIN IF I DON’T TALK ABOUT ROMANCE!

What are Romantic Fantasy BOOKS?

It is quite clear from the name that ROMANTIC FANTASY BOOKS have ROMANCE as a huge part of their plot and story.

ROMANTIC Fantasy is a sub-genre of Fiction books and is in HUGE DEMAND as we go ahead we’ll know why Romantic Fantasy fiction has it’s demand!

1. Bring Me The Hearts by Sarah Wolf

Bring me the hearts
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Bring me their Hearts by Sara Wolf is one of the classic romantic fantasy books!

The story sets into Kingdom of Cavanos where witches and humans are total foes! Witches are turning mortals into immortals by taking out their hearts and storing them outside their bodies.

They’re called heartless and one of them is Zera- A 19 year old who was turned heartless by a witch called Nightsinger 3 years back.

Wars since years have been causing the lives of both human and witch races due to differences in opinions and faiths.

In order to stop one of the wars, witches collectively come up with the decision to send Zera to get the heart of Prince Lucien.

She isn’t bothered by his heart or Personality. She just wants HER HEART BACK!

One of the romantic fantasy books that leave you longing!

2. Fortuna Sworn by K.J Sutton

Fortuna sworn
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K J SUTTON is highly appreciated for her work.

We were meant to be seductive. We were designed to lure humans in.

Fortuna sworn

Fortuna is a Powerful woman and the last of her kind. Her brother disappeared 2 years back and now she doesn’t have someone to talk to.

She hides among humans and Works in a bar. This keeps on going monotonously until she catches eye with a powerful faerie who doesn’t hide his desires for Fortuna.

In exchange of her, he promises something so irresistible that she can’t deny later realising that she didn’t risk her heart, but life!

One of the “zeal to read more” kinda romantic fantasy books!

3. The Fate of the Stars by S.D. Simper

The Fate of the stars
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The Fate of the stars by S.D. Simper is a romantic fantasy book class with a tinge.

This Romantic Fantasy BOOK is a Lesbian Romance where you have to believe that mermaids exist. Yes. The protagonist is a mermaid and she is kidnapped and forced to be a pet.

Her last hope is the princess of a rival kingdom who is known for her cold heart.

Will she be able to save her? Will there be a spark? ROMANTIC FANTASY FOR A REASON!

Romantic Fantasy books are always a steal! But one with gay romance? What do you think?

4. The bridge Kingdom by Danielle L Jenson

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The bridge Kingdom by Danielle L Jenson is such a steal!

Lara is being married to the prince of Bridge Kingdom but has the aim to bring it Down to its knees.

Lara knows that the Bridge Kingdom represents both legendary evil – and legendary promise.

The only route through a storm-ravaged world, the Bridge Kingdom controls all trade and travel between lands, allowing its ruler to enrich himself and deprive his enemies, including Lara’s homeland.

So when she is sent as a bride, Lara is ready to do whatever it takes to break and damage the defenses of the Bridge Kingdom.

But as she gets to her new home – a lavish heaven surrounded by tempest seas – and gets to know her man, Aren, she begins to question where the true evil resides.

Around her, she sees a kingdom struggling for survival, and in Aren, a man so determined and protective of his people.

As her mission drives her to deeper understanding of the fight to possess the bridge, Lara finds the simmering spark between her and Aren which is impossible to not to take notice of!

Her goal is nearly within reach, Lara will have to decide her own fate: Will she be the destroyer of a king or the savior of her people?

The romantic fantasy with drama! Ahan ladies!

5. Hollow Heathens by Nicole Fiorina

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A little girl Fallon was taken away from her original home soon after she was born with ugly traditions and superstitions.

24 years later she finds herself in a weeping hollow – a town about she only had heard in stories.

What happens next? The love? Romance? Mystery? What happens?

The book will soon be released! Keep track with it!

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