If you think about us, blissesandbooks is nothing more than a website. But for those who work hard on it, it is a dream, a vision full of potential.

Starting in June 2020, Blissesandbooks is a website for those who love books and have had their fair share of reading. The team works hard to get you the best of their content.

When you read something on our blog, our only vision is to make you feel like you’re talking to a friend, and we try hard to be one for you.

Under the different categories of this website, you will find content about personal growth, poets and poems, authors and books, genres and reading, and novels to Netflix. All these trying their best so that you don’t miss out on any big updates.

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About us: Blissesandbooks

The blogs come deep from within the heart, so you might as well read them from your heart. The authors on this website are all young minds and budding entrepreneurs.

Blissesandbooks.com is one spot for all your reads. We realize that a book is not less than a soulmate.

If you are an author who’s reading this, this is for you.

Hi! It is an honor that you are here. If you have your piece of work you would like to get reviewed, we are totally on it!


PS: Our blogs contain bad PJs in between, please either laugh at them or politely ignore them.

Thank you!