10 Aug 2020


Post by Nikita Prajapati

As we go in the journey of our life, we meet different types of people. Some are easy going, some are not-so-easy going, some we like, some we do not like.

Mea people alert!

Some are super friendly, some get our hearts racing so fast, and then here are some who cause a pain in the booty (if you know what I mean). And these people are also known as MEAN PEOPLE. Sometimes, they’re even doing it intensionally so that they look “COOL” in front of others.

This needs to be said. Being mean is NOT COOL.

So, if “MEAN GIRLS” came to your mind, yes you’re headed the right way. That is what I meant.

On my part, I have really had a very hard time dealing with people who just won’t listen no matter what.

But eventually I have learnt how to deal with Mean People and my car is on a smooth track for now and ever.

So here I am sharing

10 Fine ways to deal with mean people.

What is mean people psychology?

I don’t know why mostly people prefer ignoring mean people! I mean if you have a problem or any kind of issue, what you have to do is to face it. Not avoid it or ignore it, or run from it.

So, Here are 10 NICE WAYS to deal with “NOT-SO-NICE” AKA MEAN PEOPLE.


1. Focus on What you can control.

Dealing with mean people

Things go out of hand when we try to do that stuff which is not in our control. I mean things will ofcourse go wrong if we do something upon which we have no control.

You tell me if you want to stop time, will you actually be able to stop time? NO. RIGHT? So, after this, aggression is bound to follow. And you will get mad at yourself no matter what.

Similarly when you are dealing with a person who is “MEAN”, what you can control is how you behave and not how the other person is behaving.

If you control how you are behaving, things will obviously be More inclined towards yourself and the ball will always be in your court!


I have written that heading in capitals because it deserves to be written in caps.

Breathing is so impact full you won’t even know ever. Suppose a person is being mean to you and you just close your eyes and breathe breathe and breathe!

This also proliferates calm Vibes to the other person who is being mean to you. How dare he!

3. Kill them With KINDNESS!

How to deal with mean people

this is the most impactful thing you can ever do to someone who is being mean to you aka, a mean person.

The very thought of being kind to someone who is being mean to you is too much to handle! Then, imagine being actually kind and actually killing them with kindness!

Now, when I say KILLING them with kindness, I don’t mean you actually have to take a knife and stab them with kindness (if you know what I mean)!

4. Don’t do what they want you to!

Most of the time mean people are trying to pick a fight with you. That is what they actually want. So, now what you have to do is to control your urge of punching them in the face and be calm and composed.

The moment they will realise that you are not going to get up from your chair and be involved in a fight with them, they will shut their mouth and leave.

5. Be the change.

Mean people

If you are one of those people who want to be treated very nicely but you are not ready to treat other people nicely or the same way, let me tell you that the world does not work like that.

You have to treat other people the way you want to be treated.

If this is not the case, if you are treating the other person nicely and you are not being treated nicely, then I would tell you to be extra genuine. Treat the other person how you want yourself to be treated. Eventually, the “mean” person will realise and that is how you deal with mean people!

6. Don’t get TRAPPED!

People want you to do what they want. Many a times they will take up different strategies which also may involve BEING MEAN.

What you can do is not get trapped in what they want. ANALYSE. EXECUTE.


If someone is being mean to you, never ever be mean back to them.

Don’t overreact. Don’t scream back or anything like that. All these situations have this mantra “BE CALM!”

Overreacting always ruins and makes the situation worse. So just listen to what the other person or the “MEAN PERSON” is saying and respond back peacefully.

Having trouble controlling your anger?

8. Humour on the Go!

Whenever someone passes a mean comment or is being mean to you, just try passing it in through humour. This always works! ALWAYS!

This way, you also tell the other person that you are not here just to keep your mouth shut! You can also say things which nobody has even expected!

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I am Nikita Prajapati. A student, blogger, pianist, karateka, poet, reader, hopeless romantic and a lame comedian. Fortunately, I knew early that my heart has a deep set passion for writing, poems, books and literature and I decided to follow it!


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