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7 BOOKS BY HARUKI MURAKAMI YOU SHOULD READ; Murakami is name known to all. His writings have never ever failed to work wonders for the readers and have always been a source of joy and introspection to everyone.

Author Introduction [Brief]| Haruki Murakami

The journey from the streets of Japan to the international markets have not been easy (nothing comes easy) but all in all worth it.

It all started on January 12th 1949 when Haruki Murakami was born in Kyoto, Japan. He completed his education from Waseda University and pursued writing. His works being translated\published in more than 50 languages receive love all across the world along with his native country Japan.

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Haruki Murakami| 7 Books by Haruki Murakami you must read.

Haruki Murakami’s books sell millions of copies all over the world for his mysteriously good writings and how he describes some experiences. His first novel, published in 1979 attracted a number of young audience as his writings were different than “conventional” Japanese literature at that time.

First Novel: Kaze no uta o kike– Hear The Wind Sing (1979)

Latest Work: First Person Singular (2020)

[Check the review here]

With that in mind, let’s dive straight into Haruki Murakami’s novels you are NOT ALLOWED TO MISS OUT ON!

Books by Haruki Murakami
Books by Haruki Murakami you have to read before dying!

Kafka On The Shore | 1 of 7 Books by Haruki Murakami To Read

Kafka on the Shore, one of the most loved books by Haruki Murakami is a work of fiction which was published on 12 September 2002 but later on was translated in English by Philip Gabriel (who btw, has done a tremendous job in translating the book.)

The book, Kafka On The Shore has a 15 years old boy, Kafka Tamura who is on a runaway from his home to avoid a prophecy and wants to live life on his own terms.

*isn’t it all we want too?*

Then we have the character of Nakata, a 70 years old who had this weird accident in his childhood leaving some issues with him. He cannot read and write but he has this weird ability to talk to cats.


So basically the book has 2 alternative storylines which somehow through the course of the book come together. Despite having a complex and parallel life it’s about how they connect and impact each other’s life.

All in all the book is incredible (like every other book of Haruki Murakami), the characters are so good. You could actually feel the emotions running through them. The writing is really easy to understand. And this is also, how a well written book should be.

The book has mature/adult content.

The book [like most of books by Haruki Murakami] is very knowledgeable as Murakami gives a lot of reference in his books introducing you to something totally new for you. 

A book, with Life lessons? Hell yeah! And hence on the list of ‘books by Haruki Murakami to must read

The Wind Up- Bird Chronicle|2 of 7 Books by Haruki Murakami To Read

The Wind Up- Bird Chronicle, one of the most loved books by Haruki Murakami is a contemporary literature and magical realism published in 1994 and later translated in English by Jay Rubin and was published in 1997.
this book by Haruki Murakami deals with a 30 year old  man, Tori Okanda who works in a law firm and his wife.

Kumiko is a magazine editor by profession who is more focused and busy in her professional life. Tori recently resigned from his job because he felt that it was not something he was enjoying, it was not worth it. 
The book setup is from the 1980s version of Tokyo, Japan.

the book starts with Toru receiving a frantic call from his wife telling him to find their cat that has gone missing. And that’s the whole story, finding a missing cat.

*but hold on!*

It’s not that easy it seems. This small task turns into a huge striking journey. Throughout the journey supernatural enters, mysteries are solved, he meets different weird people and keeps having a run-in with his brother in law, Noboru Walaya. 

But… why?

And the know the answer of “why” here this book is. at number 2 in the list of “books by Haruki Murakami you must read

blissesandbooks has: unfinished by Priyanka Chopra

Hard Boiled wonderland And The End of the world| 3 of 7 Books by Haruki Murakami To Read

Hard Boiled wonderland and the End of the world, book by Haruki Murakami is a speculation fiction and fantasy in genre, published in June 1991 and the English version was published on 1995 and was translated by Alfred Birnbaum. 
The plot is hard and complex to understand but I would try my best to explain it in a simple way but the most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no name in the Story.

All the characters in this book are unnamed, so lets… just get started.

So the book follow 2 different worlds or storylines. One is the ‘hard wood wonderland’ and the other one is the ‘end of the world’. 

The protagonist in the first world or storyline (Hard boiled wonderland) is a calcutec (a human data processor and I didn’t know his either) and is pretty content with his life.

Working, enjoying, earning money and everything. We also have a scientist and a girl in this. Everyone without a name. 
The other world or story (end of the world) is of a fantasy approach. There is this place called ‘The town’ which is surrounded by huge walls. No one can enter in this town but if someone enters then they can’t return.

The moment someone enters here their shadow gets separated. Everyone here have a specific job to do and the protagonist here is a dream reader. And as the story progresses you’ll see different thinking a little bit of romance and the connection of the 2 worlds. (I must say I am intrigued!)

In the beginning one can find story really confusing or base less but once you will get the hang of it you will understand the plot more effectively and it will leave you with so many different ideas and different questions in your mind.

And Murakami is not someone to give conclusions so different people can have different ideas about it. 

This book by Haruki Murakami is open to judgement.

(And suddenly all the aunties want to read? Why I wonder. Can you?)


And because of these intriguing cliff hangers, here we are reading about it in ‘books by Haruki Murakami you must read

Sputnik Sweetheart| 4 of 7 Books by Haruki Murakami To Read

This fiction work by Murakami was published in 1999 and later on it was translated to English by Philip Gabreil and published in 2001.

Sputnik Sweetheart, book by Haruki Murakami follows the life of 2 best friends K (yes only ‘k’. THE SPELLING IS NOT MISSING YOU GUYS!) and Sumire.

So K is a 25 years old primary school teacher who is in love will his best friend, Sumire who has no idea about this. They met for the first time back in their college days and because of their love for reading and writing they instantly clicked.

*I would love to connect with someone like that too. Let’s move to comments. Shall we?*

But later on Sumire drops out of college to persue her career as a full time writer but they keep in touch. So this is an unrequited love story. 
As the story progresses we see Sumire falling in love with an older businesswoman, Miu. 
We have broken feelings in this books, love, confusions, questions related to sexuality and trying to understand everything that’s going on.

But most importantly, we have realistic characters with a real life, meaning, you can actually expect that someone in this world maybe living the same life doing normal stuff they do.

But again as with other Haruki Murakami works, Sputnik Sweetheart lacks a clear, concise ending. It’s clearly up to the readers and they can end it however they want to!


Jokes aside, books by Haruki Murakami will always leave you thinking more and more.

So, Sputnik sweetheart can be a great book to start your reading journey with.

Dance Dance Dance | 5 of 7 Books by Haruki Murakami To Read

This book is the fourth book in the “Rat Series” by Murakami and was published in 1988 and later on was translated in English by Alfred Birnbaum in 1994 and is the continuation of the Third book “A wild sheep chase”.

The protagonist in this novel is an unnamed character who is a freelance writer by profession and in different people pays him to write but according to him he doesn’t find it necessary to write and is living a meaningless life.

But for some reason he keeps getting this dream about his girlfriend from the third book who keeps urging him to come back to the hotel they used to stay. And that place has kind of this mysterious Aura. 

So he decides to go and find the reason behind all these dreams. When he reaches that place he finds out that the place is rebuilt into a bigger 5 star hotel but the name is similar to the previous hotel.

 And as the story progresses he starts investigating the dreams of his girlfriend and even finds different people throughout the book: a lady from the hotel, a 13 year old girl with whom he goes to Tokyo with. Then we also have a portion of visiting Hawaii.

All in all, nice Story but with some flaws. There were some portions in the book Which I didn’t find any point because they weren’t exactly related to the main story. But if it’s Haruki Murakami, then everything written in that book is highly important, I might have missed something.

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South of the border west of the sun. | 6 of 7 Books by Haruki Murakami To Read

South of the border west of the sun, book by Haruki Murakami was published in 1992 and later on the English translation was published in 1999.

This book deals with a 36 year old man Hajime. Hajime is a hardworking man who makes decisions for himself and he knows what he is doing in his life. He was an only child and he had some childhood feelings for his best friend Shimamoto who was also a single child.

Later one Shimamoto moved to another place and both of them got separated without any contact with each other. During his university days Hajime meets Yukiko and they get married after some time. Now he has a successful business, money and 2 beautiful daughters and life is going on smoothly but as the story progresses we see after almost 20 years Shimamoto-his childhood love is back in his life creating a turmoil in his life and feelings. 

For this I just have to say-

 a story so simple yet so blissful.

books by Haruki Murakami are a bliss. Don’t trust me, read them.

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Norwegian Wood| 7 of 7 Books by Haruki Murakami To Read

The novel “Norwegian wood” is a Japanese romance genre novel published in the year 1987.

This novel follows the life of Toru Watanabe who is portrayed a 37 years old businessman in the beginning of the novel.

While travelling he listened to a version of the Beatles’ Norwegian Wood, and the music transports him back 18 years to his college days. 

In his college times his best friend,  Kizuki committed suicide, leaving Toru and Naoko (Kizuki’s girlfriend )in deep grief.

Toru tries to offer emotional support to Naoko, but ends up falling desperately in love with her.

But kazuki’s death had a deep empact on Naoko and is emotionally unstable. As the story processes we see how Tori keeps falling for Naoko, who is still unstable.

But when he meets a certain fiercely independent and sexually liberated young woman he starts getting attracted to her creating a huge twist in his life. 

The novel is filled with the sense of nostalgia in almost every movement. Even if you haven’t lived the life like the protagonist, you’ll end up feeling nostalgic.

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1Kafka On The Shore2002Philip Gabriel2005
2The Wind Up- Bird Chronicle1994Jay Rubin1997
3Hard Boiled wonderland And The End of the world1991Alfred Birnbaum1995
4Sputnik Sweetheart1999Philip Gabriel2001
5Dance Dance Dance1988Alfred Birnbaum1994
6South Of The Border, West Of The Sun1992Philip Gabriel1999
7Norwegian Wood1987Alfred Birnbaum1989
books by Haruki Murakami | year published | translation published of books by Haruki Murakami

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