5+1 AMAZING STEPS  TO take NOW if you want to MAKE “DECISION MAKING” easier in 2020!
8 Sep 2020

5+1 AMAZING STEPS TO take NOW if you want to MAKE “DECISION MAKING” easier in 2020!

Post by Nikita Prajapati

It has always been ONE LIFE TO LIVE AND SO MANY decisions to make!

While some are good at decision making, ALOT of them are poor with it and regret it for their whole lives!

Well, no better lyrics fit from Bollywood movie “KOI MIL GAYA” here than-

"Idhar chala main udhar chala,
Jaane kahaan main kidhar chala
Arey! Fisal gayaaa!"

And then they blame others- “YE TOONE KYA KIYA?”

Decision making made easier in 2020

Well, the story isn’t any different in real life. There’s actually people who just can’t take the responsibility for what they did wrong and blame others later. And trust me, you don’t want to be one of them!

It’s okay till the “fisal gaya” part but the “ye toone kya kiya” part is something you don’t need AT ALL.

What is it with Decision making?

Decision making

Well, decision making involves alot of thinking and planning. And us, being humans, instead of thinking, directly jump to overthinking! Which has to stop!

This makes the process of decision making harder!

When you start over thinking, you actually don’t know exactly from where to start.

You go from one topic to another, then from that to other and like this you keep wandering at the same place.

It’s like being trapped inside a maze and absolutely finding no way to come out of it!

But this is something which can be improved. So here are our 5 AMAZING STEPS TO take NOW if you want to MAKE “DECISION MAKING” easier with no troubles at all!

5 STEPS TO take NOW to MAKE “DECISION MAKING” easier in 2020!

Steps to take while decision making

Everybody knows decision making and RIGHT DECISION MAKING are two different things while we can easily make decisions but making the right decision can be really hard and be a lot of hard work.

So, here I am helping you out with some tips that will help your hard work along with some smart-work to make the perfect decision and help you in decision making.

1. Limit Your Options

Your mind tends to get more confused when you have a lot of options.

So what you can do is to limit your options. Just keep in list only those things which you think are more important. Just eliminate those which you don’t think matter a lot.

2. Draw a line between good and bad

One of the most effective ways to decision making is to know what is good for you and what is bad.

There is no doubt everything happens for a reason and probably a good one but it will turn out to be good or bad if you make a decision which is actually right and just does not SEEM right.

3. Think of your time as most important.

The longer you take in decision making, the more the decision will be poor and this is proven!

Whenever a person thinks a lot while making a decision the decision is more likely to Harm the person in the future!

Hence to reduce the time you take while making a decision what you can do is to think your time as money. Think it as the more time you take the more money you waste and obviously nobody wants to waste money so you will make the decision as quick as you can!

Planning your time may help.

The more time you take, the more money you waste!

4. Remember that indecision kills!

The dangerous results of poor decisions ever made in the history are the proof that one bad decision is enough to destroy the whole community or the single person.

While making any decision or while general decision making, always keep in mind that one wrong decision can be very very harmful for you always be careful of what you are going to choose and always have faith in the decision and on yourself.

5. Think about the consequences.

most of the people take decisions based on the current situation they do not introspect or analyse anything and take the wrong decision.

These are the people who are poor at decision making and you absolutely do not want to be one of them and trust me you are not one of them if you keep in mind all the things I have said above.

While making any decision always analyse and introspect about the consequences and what results a decision can get you in the future.

Most of the people ignore this and land in trouble.


The ultimate formula to make a decision and while decision making is to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS trust your gut!

Sometimes people take decisions when they are angry or not in a mood to think.

They act without thinking. I am not asking you to over think. It’s just that you give it a simple thought and be calm and trust your gut!

So, this was my opinion and my take on Decision making. Let me know what do you think and SHARE WITH SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THIS!

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