24 Jul 2020


Post by Nikita Prajapati

We sadly are those people and come under that category of generation where once we hear the word “personality“, the very first thing that comes to us is the outer appearance of the person. Which, to some extent, is true. I mean, I would be wrong if I say your that outer appearance does not matter at all but personality is more of an over all thing. It depends more on how you as a person are rather than if you have a Gucci handbag, belt or Chanel stuff!


PERSONALITY is something that differentiate you from others.

For example, you and your twin (if you have one) may have the same appearance but personality? Hardly! One or two traits might be same, but personality is what actually defines you.

What consists of a good Personality?

Good personality

Whenever we talk about good personality we generally refer if a person is likable or not. Or how you have that x factor which makes the other person stop breathing (not literally)!

But what are the traits of a good personality?

Do you have a good personality?

You never know! If your personality is Effective, if you have all these given traits:

Do you have these 10 traits?

1.You are Respectful.

A person who respects everyone, their opinions, and everything has a good personality.


Because those who respect everyone and everything leave a positive impression and impact on people and radiate calm vibes.

2.You’re Polite yet Honest.

Yes. So, there’re two types of people. Ones who are brutally honest, they say everything so honestly (which is good) but end up hurting others. And then there are these ones with some “sense” who tell everything with utmost care and sensitivity that the other person understands what’s wrong and doesn’t even get hurt.


You don’t go tell your own stories when the other person is telling you it’s own troubles.

You know when to say what, and when to keep mum. You don’t bang around your own issue while other is explaining to you it’s own.

4. You’re confident as HELL!

There’s a fine line between being confident and over confident. It is visible. That line’s called “over”.

Now, confidence is visible in your eyes. The way your aura is, your walk or even the way you breathe shows how much confident you are!

5. You’ve great presentation skills.


So, don’t you feel confident and presentation skills are related? What is the use of even existing when you can’t even say “Here ma’am/sir” during attendance? But then again there’re people who can teach a class better than a teacher in front of a teacher!

6. You’re opinionated.

Yes! Opinions matter. Every. Single. Thing. That you think matters.

A person who always has this tendency to say “yes ma’am/sir” every single time doesn’t have a good personality. I need not tell you that.

Have your own opinion. Let yourself be open to thoughts and discussions.

7.You’re hygienic and organised.

Imagine being the most intelligent person in the room with zero organization skills and Stinky clothes!

Does that person has a good personality? Dare not you say yes!

8. You’re calm and composed.

A person who doesn’t know what’s happening around and inside itself doesn’t have and cannot have a good personality.

Well, a person who has a good personality need not all always be sure about what is happening. There’s a phase in everyone’s life where one does not know what is happening.

But panicking is never the solution. Keeping calm and being composed show your ability to deal with situations and how you to get out of them.

9. Carry your humourous side gracefully!

Who do you think has a good personality?

A person who always has a resting face on all the time or someone who makes you laugh, makes you smile, retains your mood and is just there with you in your bad times?

Obviously the later. Right?

Having a good personality does not mean you have to be super intelligent, super serious, and super dressed all the time.

Having a good personality means knowing everything that you need to for living a happy life.

be it humour, be it laundry, be it cooking, be it cleaning.

10. You’re building everyone as a whole.

Imagine being the most intelligent person in the room and yet not helping someone who is not upto the mark, getting up to the mark!

What is the point of you being intelligent if you cannot help someone to grow?

Those who have great or at least good personality, know the fact that a society runs when we help each other up, when we pull each other up. And not push them. So, if you build others and everyone along with yourself,

CONGRATULATIONS 🎉! you have a great personality.

Missing some tick marks?


It’s okay if you missed one or two of the traits mentioned above.

Nobody is perfect but we can work towards it. People can improve their looks up to a certain level, but personality and the qualities that you can achieve are inumerous!

You cannot even count them. So do not panic!

Here are 7 steps by which you can improve your personality without putting in much of effort.

These are small baby steps you can take towards improving yourself because,

Always betterment is the goal!

1. It takes zero efforts to be respectful.

So, it actually takes nothing to respect someone. Just keep your inner demon slept and you’re good to go!

2.Be a good listener.

Agree or not, but listening to the surrounding really helps you grow.

You listen to different kind of people, different kind of sounds and frequencies which trigger inside you the person which was sleeping till now.

3. Read more and more and more!

I cannot stress enough how good impact books have on yourself!

You get a whole new perspective when you start reading good books!

Be it mythology, be it self help books.

Books can be about anything that broaden your horizon and give you your own opinion.

This will help you create your own opinion and have bittersweet discussions with your friends. Just don’t go and bang on into a debate!

4. Be organised.

You will have to put a little bit of effort here.

Like, you can make your bed first thing in the morning.

You can separate a day and clean your almirah,

you can set up your desk,etc.
At the end of the day you are the one who will feel happy for this.

5. Help people.

This is not a big deal I swear!

Helping people makes you feel good inside about yourself. You don’t have to think about anyone else when helping anybody. Do not expect anything in return.

This just leaves a really positive impact on the person you are helping.

6. Smile smile smile

Not a creepy smile though. Smiling at someone for no reason can literally make their day. You won’t even know how high if an impact a smile has.

You even can smile at yourself!

7. No back Biting please.

Nobody! Literally nobody likes a person who does that backbiting thing! Just do not go to another person and tell him about what the someone else has to say about him!

You don’t have the right to say all these things.

If you can’t keep a secret, just don’t listen to it! Cover your ears right now!

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