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BEST GAY ROMANCE BOOKS/ LGBTQ+ ROMANCE BOOKS –Love was meant to be celebrated. To be felt. Love is when two people make each other feel what they never have felt before, love is selfless yet so selfish.

*No I’m (not) in love. I’ve heard it somewhere.*

But was it about particularly a man and a woman falling in love?

Even if it was, there’s pretty much a lot of evidence that the previous “trend” has outdated, and now, no one binds the pure feelings of love into mere “genders“.

Anyways, no wonders there are numerous gay romance books or LGBTQ+ romance books people can read, whenever they want to broaden their mindset and to sometimes see, how actually love works and how love has no bounds.

LGBTQ+ romance books
Gay Romance Books| LGBTQ+ Romance Books

Well, there are no second thoughts on how

love can never be well defined

but wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea? So when you fall in love, you know what romantic book / gay romance book resonates the most with your love story!

So, you don’t miss the moment when you fall in love with your soulmate irrespective of their gender!

Here are 5 ROMANTIC FANTASY BOOKS which don’t bother about the gender of the protagonist.

Or as you would like to call it, the best 5 gay romance or LGBTQ+ romance books which define love as eternal and above everything.

The 5 gay romance or LGBTQ+ romance books which you must read are:

  1. The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.
  2. Detransition baby by Torry Peters
  3. As far as you’ll take me by Phil Stamper
  4. The sky blues by Robbie Couch
  5. Perfect on Paper by Sophie Ganzales

The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.| 1 of 5 Gay Romance Books Or LGBTQ+ Romance Books Of 2021

The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.| Gay Romance Books

The author Robert Jones Jr.; born and brought up in New York city wrote his first book The Prophets which came out recently this year on January 5 [2021].

T Magazine‘s cover story “Black Male Writers of Our Time.” The Prophets is his debut novel. However, this is the author’s debut novel, he is already established as a blogger, essayist, cultural critic.

The Prophets is historical fiction and is based on Isaiah and Samuel. Both, deep in LOVE.

(I’m not jealous or anything but it would seriously make me happy if someone deeply loved me… ah! Sweet lord! Anyways.)

There’s just something about them that makes everyone happy. What ‘they‘ are is not confirmed yet but they sure know each other and love one another very well.

Isaiah and Samuel are two enslaved men on a plantation in the antebellum South. Like, a fairy tale?

But every fairy tale has its own demon, Isaiah and Samuel’s has theirs. A fellow planter wanted to gain favor and preached his poisonous master and now, the eternal love of the both is no longer “love”.

The authenticity of the book is visible when you see its book cover. “LOVE” is not needed to be bound in genders as mentioned before.


Detransition Baby by Torry Peters| 2 of 5 Gay Romance Books Or LGBTQ+ Romance Books Of 2021

Detransition baby by Torry Peters| Gay romance books| LGBTQ+ romance books

This is the Debut book of the author Torry Peters and was published on 12th Jan 2021 and is a transgender romance fiction in the genre.

This LGBTQ+ romance book revolves around these three women: Resse, Amy, and Katrina. Resse and Amy were in a relationship and both are trans women but the Story starts with them not being together anymore. (well that’s sad)

Now Resse is kind of sort of struggling in her life because of her breakup (breakups sure suck!) with Amy. She’s now lonely and she is trying different ways to cope with it.

On the other hand, we have Amy who gets De-transitioned into a cisman after the breakup and becomes Ames, and now he’s in a relationship with a Ciswoman, Katrina.

He is still in love with her ex-girlfriend (tbh, STOP GETTING IN NEW RELATIONSHIPS IF YOU’RE NOT OVER THE LAST ONES!) and can’t get her off his mind. As the Story progress, we find that Ames gets Katrina pregnant who may or may not want to keep the baby and that’s when everything starts changing.

Change is fine. But is it For the good or bad? Well, for that you need to read the LGBTQ+ romance book “Detransition, baby” to find it.

As Far As You’ll Take Me by Phil Stamper| 3 of 5 Gay Romance Books Or LGBTQ+ Romance Books Of 2021

As far as you’ll take me by Phil Stamper| gay Romance Books| LGBTQ+ romance books

The story was published on the 9th of February 2021 and is a Queer contemporary.

Do you know? Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s memoir “unfinished” was published on February 9 too!

This LQBTQ+ romance book by the author focuses on the life of Marty who is a young musician and belongs to a conservative small-town Kentucky. He’s an anxious person but is in a very extremely stressful situation.

Now that he’s graduated high school he wants to settle in London and never return. His parents have no idea about his plans and therefore he has to work and manage so he can be stable before he goes out.

As the book continuous we see how his life seems to be a fantasy and perfect but in reality is quite opposite. We see him dealing with his life issues in London. His parents, anxiety, eating disorders, self harmless, love life (as he’s now free to explore his sexuality), etc.

This gay romance book/ LGBTQ+ romance book is for you to read and understand better how a person deals with the issues we have no idea about. You never know at what point you’ll start relating!

The Sky Blues by Robbie Couch | 4 of 5 Gay Romance Books Or LGBTQ+ Romance Books Of 2021

This young adult contemporary novel is to come out on April 06, 2021.

This story is about sky Baker who is an open gay in a small town of Michigan. It’s his senior year and he wants to end it on a very high note by asking out his Crush to prom.

For this, he comes out with a 30-day plan but unfortunately, somehow his plan gets leaked online by a hacker in a very homophobic way. After this, he gets disheartened and ends up losing all his hopes.

But his friends somehow convince and encourage him not only to stick to his 30-day plan but also to go on a school wild hunt just to expose the culprit.

So, a gay romance book and suspense book together? WHY NOT?

Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales | 5 of 5 Gay Romance Books Or LGBTQ+ Romance Books Of 2021

perfect on paper by Sophie Gonzales| gay Romance Books| LGBTQ+ romance books

The story is a young adult contemporary with a bisexual main character and came out on the 9th of March in the US and on the 11th of March in the UK this year.

This LGBTQ+ romance book has Darcy who is running a relationship advice service and literally has a solution to any issue for a price. She’s been running this secretly. She gets the advice-seeking letters in a locker room.

One day when she was collecting the letters from the locker room she gets caught in the act by Alexander Brougham. Darcy doesn’t want her secret to be out and as everything has a price she had to agree for being a personal love coach Alexander (who wants to get back with his ex-girlfriend) in exchange for keeping her secret.

So, is the secret safe? We’ll only know when we’ll read this LGBTQ+ romance book!

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The Prophets Robert Jones Jr.January 05, 2021
Detransition baby Torry PetersJanuary 12, 2021
As far as you’ll take me Phil StamperFebruary 09, 2021
The sky blues Robbie CouchApril 06, 2021
Perfect on PaperSophie GonzalesMarch 09, 2021
Gay romance books/ LGBTQ+ romantic books| author | release date of the book

These gay romance books or LGBTQ+ romance books should be there in your 2021 TBR list no matter what. A good read never goes out of trend. Keep READING, because

When we read, we EVOLVE!

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