How To Deal With Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Exam Stress- 5 Simple Ways To Get Better!
31 May 2021

How To Deal With Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Exam Stress- 5 Simple Ways To Get Better!

Post by Nikita Prajapati

How To Deal With Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Exam Stress: The teen life and also, living in general is not easy but coping up with all the challenges and struggles is what we call LIFE. The situation worsens when a person has anxiety, panic attacks and at the time when one needs to retain its full composure, the exam time, we have EXAM STRESS!

Trust me, I have seen this and gone through this. Coping with it was not that much easy and I know it takes a lot out of you but one has to go through it- because giving up is not an option here. Being a student I know, exam stress and fear are not the only type of fears one has to face- there are class presentations, project submissions, THE STAGE FEAR and THAT DREADFUL TEACHER ONE CANNOT AVOID!

Are you also wondering about “How To Deal With Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Exam Stress and so many more kinds of fears?” You have landed the right place because here is the answer to it- I am not a professional but I did these 5 things to make myself feel better at home by myself whenever I was thrown in the face of anxiety, panic attacks and exam stress-

  • Take deep breaths- LONG DEEP BREATHS.
  • Drinking loads of water.
  • Going out for a walk (but wear a mask because its covid-19 )
  • Talking to the personal therapist- your bestfriend.
  • Journaling about it

I know these are very basic things but trust me I have gone past horrible times doing this.

text- anxiety is not a joke
I sometimes hear people saying that Anxiety is nothing and its “ALL IN THE MIND”. YES! IT IS IN THE MIND but it affects the body too!

First, know that getting anxious is completely okay, exam jitters are okay and panic attacks are okay too. They are valid and everyone has them- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Also, read till the end for the one free hilarious tip for exam stress- because lately I haven’t been having any!

Take deep breaths

Basic. There is no technicality and hard work involved. Taking deep breathe is extremely important while having panic attacks and anxiety and even exam stress. It calms you down in a matter of time.

How taking deep breaths help in anxiety, panic attacks and exam stress?

Scientifically, when you inhale more air while taking deep breaths, more oxygen reaches your brain and body. The American Institute of Stress says when you take deep breathes, more and more oxygen reaches to your brain which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a sense of calmness and relaxation. It takes around 20-30 minutes for the oxygen to reach the brain and make its magic happen.

So, the next time you keep yourself thinking and overthinking about how to deal with anxiety, panic attacks and exam stress, you know what to do- stop overthinking about it and relax, take deep breaths.

Drinking loads of water

Yes. The glass of water you avoid and forget to drink, might be one of the many the reason for your anxiety and panic attacks.

How? How not drinking enough water leads to anxiety and panic attacks?

When you do not drink enough water for the day, the lactic acid concentration in your body (blood and brain) builds up and the increased acidity in the veins and brain leads to high levels of anxiety and the release of adrenaline leads to increased rate of heart beat, blood pressure and panic attacks.

How drinking water and water in general helps reducing anxiety and stress?

  • Drinking water helps to reduce anxiety and panic attacks as it acts as a cooling and calming agent for the mind and body and relaxes it down saving and giving you the relief from anxiety and panic attacks. Drinking water around the anxiety and panic attacks reduces the intensity of the attack (so, like in chemistry, it dilutes the stress and panic attack).
  • Not only drinking water but taking a calming shower, putting your hands under running water, sitting under the shower for a while also help reducing anxiety and panic attacks.

Going out for a walk

Oh boy! Do I enjoy walks!

Going out for a walk, whether or not you are having anxiety or panic attacks or exam stress is the best thing you can do for yourself. Just getting some fresh air might be all what you need.

How taking a walk helps in reducing anxiety and panic attacks?

It gets you out in the fresh air and gets your senses working. You see some greenery and your mind feels fresh.

Short story time!

Once upon a time not so long ago… I was feeling really really anxious about some stupid thing (being the overthinker that I am) and thankfully mom forced me to go out on a walk because I literally have become a couch potato since the pandemic began.

Guess what? It was a brief 45 minutes walk and oh boy the flow of positivity and motivation that ran through me after I came back- I really felt a difference.

Bottom line of the story being that walking really helps in reducing the anxiety and stress levels and also, helps getting your panic attacks in control.

Additionally, I love walks…


Doing yoga and some minimal and simple exercise also helps a lot.

Ping your personal therapist- the bestfriend

Well, I cannot forget this one can I? A best friend is all you need to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

Rather than talking to a best friend, it is about just letting your thoughts out in front of someone you are comfortable and the best friend suddenly comes into the picture. So, talk to your best friend. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you.

What better person than a best friend?

Journal about it

I already have said this so many times that personally, journaling (maintaining a diary) is the solution to literally all my problems- my heart breaks, my dark nights, my happy days, and yes, even going past my phase of “how to deal with anxiety, panic attacks, exam stress”

How journaling helps reducing anxiety, panic attacks and stress?

First of all, Yes, Journaling really really helps in reducing anxiety and calming you down in panic attacks. And this is why this is my go to option when I face anxiety, panic attacks or literally anything.

Now, how journaling helps? Here is how-

  • When you journal about things, it is like telling yourself what you are feeling and allowing yourself to accept what is happening. So, feel whatever it is- happy or sad, good or bad, because it is important and this is why we are humans.
  • Journal is your personal space, although you can sure talk to your best friend about anything, there sometimes are times when you need time to tell things to people other than you so journal it- write about every freaking thing which is bothering you.
  • Use your journal to pamper yourself- this really works wonders.
  • You should also try practicing gratitude and mindfulness and have a gratitude journal.

There are countless benefits I can rant over for journaling and its benefits when you want to find about “How To Deal With Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Exam Stress.” But JOURNAL IT! TRUST ME BEST FRIEND! IT REALLY HELPS!

5 tips on how to deal with anxiety
Here are 5 ways on how to deal with anxiety and Panic attacks- at home. Remember, these are just to calm yourself a bit down.

Also, if like me, you also have a hard time saying NO to people, this might be causing you anxiety too. is it?

Dealing with Exam Stress and Exam Jitters!

Lets be practical now. You just cannot start taking a walk, talk to your best friend and start journaling when you face exam stress. What you can do is to take deep breaths and drink water during an exam.

Also, taking deep breaths and drinking water helps you retain things better for an exam.

dealing with exam stress
dealing with exam stress can really be hectic!

But how to deal with the anxiety and exam stress before exams?

I know the terrible time before exam where you don’t have enough time to study but also have enough time to procrastinate. That kind of exam stress hits different (haha just kidding!😅)

Anyway, dealing with the exam stress and jitter before the exams can totally be avoided if you have it all planned, and of course followed- your study with breaks in between.

  • But if you are past that phase where all you can do is to study, here is what you can do- first of all, STUDY, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR IT.
  • Have proper meals. Don’t miss out on them when exams are near.
  • keep yourself hydrated or you know what happens.
  • Have proper rest and don’t be late for the exam!
  • Practice some self love and take some time for yourself too!

It is difficult but you will get pass through this too- it will turn out just fine.

But if you are noticing serious anxiety symptoms and the anxiety and panic attacks are hampering your daily tasks, you should consider seeking professional help.

If you are having the thoughts of self harm and suicide, you should consult a professional ASAP. I know it is difficult and it feels like the world is crushing on you but trust me, it will turn out just fine.

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