How to Set Up A Book Blog And Make Money like a PRO in 2021?
2 May 2021

How to Set Up A Book Blog And Make Money like a PRO in 2021?

Post by Nikita Prajapati

How to set up a book blog and make money?- The love of reading for the binge readers has made it so difficult for them to get up and love any other job. But guess what? There is a way now so that you don’t have to stop reading!

You can now get paid for reading! Isn’t this your dream job too?

So the easiest way yet not-so-easy way to do that can be to have a book blog! Here is how to set up a book blog and make money!

And I being a book blogger myself, think of it as my responsibility to tell you how to set up a book blog and make money this year!

practicing peace of mind!

Why Be A Book Blogger? | [How To Set Up A Book Blog And Make Money?]


Why to be a book blogger when the blogospehere has so much to offer?

Well, this should be the answer- because you love to read! This is a perfectly enough reason for you to start a book blog- at least, this was mine.

Book blogging is one of the best things you can do for yourself because it is so much fun, you get to meet so many amazing people of the same thinking and having the same mindset or best- The same favorite book!

There’s no other best friend other than the one having the same favorite book!

There’s been so many amazing opportunities in the book community and the local community which haven’t been explored yet.

Another reason for you to start a book blog and be a book blogger should be-you love reviewing books and writing up reviews on Goodreads. If you do that, then why not build a platform for yourself where you can do book blogging for yourself so that you can keep an archive of all your reviews? (shh… and make a few extra bucks too!- I’ll tell how 😉.)

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How is it like Being A Book Blogger? | [How To Set Up A Book Blog And Make Money]

how to set up a book blog

L I T E R A L L Y speaking ( typing…), being a book blogger or simply a dedicated blogger is one of the best part time or full time career options you can opt for.

Being a book blogger and having a book blog has so many things to offer. Endless opportunities and infinite books to read + some extra cash in your wallet.

ain’t that great?

Book blogging is all about connecting with other readers and discovering new people, books and authors whom you wanted to follow, and having a book blog is your gateway if you wanted to interact with them as well.

You really do get to interact with so many brilliant minds on your journey.

The best thing about being a Book blogger is that you get to share your opinions- so if you have a love for sharing what feel about what you just read, having a book blog is just the thing for you. Its where you get to have your own voice.

You get to connect with other readers across the world who love what you do and who enjoy the same books that you do.

How To Set Up A Book Blog And Make Money?


Having a book blog or any blog opens you up to so many possibilities- a blogger, content writer, reviewer, freelancer, a tremendous boost in confidence and awesome personality the list shall go on.

Starting With A Book Blog- [How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money]

Now that you know what endless ocean of possibilities of being a book blogger or a blogger are, here is how to set up a book blog and make money/how you can have your own book blog-

Step 1- The Namesake | [How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money]

When you are about to start with Book blogging, first of all, you will need to think about the name for your blog.

This is how your blog will be known as. For example, mine is “blissesandbooks” with the tagline- “when we read, we evolve“.

The name of your book blog can be anything you want it to be. Just make sure it represents you and your blog. It can be something you believe in or something of your interest.

It could simply even be your name.

Step 2- Pick Platform | [How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money]

Now that you have your blog’s name ready with you, its time to decide the book blogging platform. This is where your blog would be.

Deciding on the platform is a bit of work because so many options are there and each of them with some of the perks of their own, there’s a lot of ways and places where you can do book blogging now whether you want to write book reviews or book posts or you just want your post photos on Instagram- That is called bookstagram.

When it comes to taking your platform, WordPress is the go to choice of every blogger.

It really is a great platform for straight book blogging or simply blogging. All you have to do is to pay for a domain and hosting.

WordPress is the place where so many successful blogs and websites have come out from. One example being FACEBOOK!

You can also simply go for free platforms like blogspot [blogger- by google].

Most people do not do that or prefer that because there you get a subdomain instead of domain and also, you don’t own your content! YES! You read that right!

When you seriously want to know How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money, I would also suggest you to go for WordPress

Step 3- Theme and Layout | [How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money]

Now that you have picked your platform, it’s time to stick with it and stay loyal to it, follow others who do it well and others whose content that you enjoy and modify your content while keeping the originality in you.

NOTE: DO NOT copy their content or copy exactly what they write or what they do but see how frequently they post and see what type of content they put on their blog.

To see what type of theme or layout you want for your blog, you can see the blogs of other bloggers who are book blogging with flying colours, inspire your blog by them for layouts and themes.

The blogging platforms already have some inbuilt free and paid customizable themes, you can use those too and then customize according to what you like.

WordPress alone has more than 2000 free themes to install and use!

You can skip this if you already have something in mind.

Now that you have your blog name, platform and layout of your book blog picked, pick your schedule. Fix how regularly you want to post it’s all up to you whether you want to post daily or twice a week or maybe just whenever mood strikes. 😜

Step 4- The Content | [How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money]

The next thing after you know how to set up a book blog is to decide what sort of content you want to put on your blog. A few ideas can be:

  • book reviews
  • event recaps
  • what books you’ve read
  • what’s happening in the blogosphere
  • book recommendations
  • bookish news and that helps you to connect with the blogosphere as well.
  • it can also be anything personal that you want to share with the world.

And this seemed to me, the perfect opportunity to start a book blog for myself where I can share my book recommendations, reviews and everything that I wanted to!

Step 5-SEO and Marketing | [How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money]

SEO is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization. These are a few tips, tricks and techniques which help your website or blog show in the first few search results.

This is one of the few special skills bloggers have and this is how you get people to reach your website when someone searches with a query.

Now this marketing thing in book blogging isn’t for everyone but it really helps to build an audience and to join up on different social media with your blogging name.

Startup with Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or whichever you want with your blog names and then syndicate your blog content so that it posts out on all these platforms.

Be regular on social media and follow similar accounts so that you can see what is happening around the book community.

See what everyone else is up to see one post inspire you and just it’s all about connecting with the community.

Step 6- Make money | [How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money]

I know you were tired of reading “How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money” but Finally! The thing we’ve all been waiting for!

There are so many ways you can make money by book blogging. While you read this, you don’t know how many bucks this blog and so many other similar blogs made.

Some of the ways you can make money by book blogging can be;

  • placing ads by Google Ads
  • writing paid book reviews
  • posting paid interviews
  • affiliating books and many more.

You also get to have FREE books sent to you for reviewing and most importantly, you also get to engage with so many different and mind blowing people and gain tons of knowledge!

Now that you know how to set up a book blog and make money, stop overthinking and start now!

Keep In Mind While You Know How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money

Big reminder is that book blogging is not a competition and a lot of bloggers feel the pressure and the stress of trying to get to a set and follower count for.

Followers are something that you do not have a control over because you know your followers can go up, they can go down, they can go away, they can over the years fade but it’s always about building new ones and new connections as well.

You can maintain this number by just one thing-CREATE THE BEST CONTENT YOU CAN.

So the thing that you can control is the quality of your content and how regularly you post. The point of focus should be on that more than your followers count. Well because as long as your content is regular, people can expect quality out of it and then hopefully the followers will come overtime.

This was pretty much it for “How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money” explained in 6 easy steps.

If you still have any doubts and queries or need help in starting a book blog or simply a blog, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to me using the different social icons below and I’ll surely be willing to help you out.

*seriously y’all! Follow me over these platforms! I post self-written poems too!*

So, this is all about How To Set Up A Book Blog and Make Money-the basics to starting a book blog. If you do start a book blog or any blog, do share it with me. I’d love to give it a read!

Until stay safe in your homes and read because this covid ain’t got no chill!

When We Read, We Evolve!


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