How To Write An Awesome Book Review-Reviewer Tips.
16 May 2021

How To Write An Awesome Book Review-Reviewer Tips.

Post by Nikita Prajapati

How To Write A Book Review– Whenever you read a book, there are mostly two things that can happen- either you will love it, or maybe just… Meh!

Reading a book, for some is always more than just a hobby and so is reviewing it. It does not matter how you found that book to be, an honest opinion has to be put forth in a respectful manner so that you can have your thoughts conveyed in a much better way and also leave a good impression of yours.

So, this article is about how to write a book review. There are some tips and key notes that I personally use while I write a review for a book. So keep reading to find out the key to “how to write a book review” in a respectful manner.

I really felt this was necessary to tell how to write a book review because I really have read some reviews which were just so disrespecting- the choice of words, the used language, the manner of presentation literally, just everything. It is just so awful to see how one bashes a book so badly not even realising the fact that someone has put all its heart into writing it.

PS: I did not say you have to keep praising the book. Just be respectful and make internet a better place- for everyone.

Here is how to write a book review in a decent way. In a way in which you don’t make a fool out of yourself!

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How To Write A Book Review?

how to write a book review
How to write a book review respectfully? this is one of the questions some reviewers should definitely ask themselves.

While writing a book review, you have to absolutely (at least I) keep in mind is that even if you thought the book can be improved or there were certain aspects which could be better- DONOT USE HARSH AND DISRESPECTFUL WORDS! It just shows the kind of person you are.


Now lets straight up jump to how to write a book review! Now, there are 5 key points one has to keep in mind and some personal advices. So make sure you read till the very end!

How To Open- The Introduction | How To Write A Book Review?

Start your review with something which catches the eye of the reader- it can be a quote from a book, a catchy phrase, some peculiar thing said by the author (make sure to explain its context later) or a question or suggestion which comes to your mind. In short, something which makes the reader read further and evoke curiosity. It can also be something which will make the reader remember your review and creates an interest for the book.

Give reader a reason to why it should read or not read your review.

How To Write The Body-Start With General Overview | How To Write A Book Review?

Lead the reader into the main body of the review. One of the major body components of a book review is the general overview of the book. This is where you introduce the book.

This portion of the review is where you tell the readers about the author and some interesting facts about the book and the author as well. You can also state what different famous and significant platforms like the times, The New York Times, etcetera have to say about the book (if any) what significant platforms have to say about the book in regard to your standpoint of book.

These platforms usually avoid saying “bad” things but constructing statements can however be found.

How To Lead To The Book- Write A Brief Summary | How To Write A Book Review?

Now that you have given the general overview, its now time to now hop on to the book. Write a brief summary of book and plot. This is the basic storyline of the book- remember not to give any spoilers.

If you have read the book recently, the summary is the gist of things you remember. To make it more interesting, insert some fascinating quotations from the book. Give a short excerpt of the book.

Try not to give any spoilers- A V O I D !

How To Review- Express Your Opinion | How To Write A Book Review?

How to write a book review
While you write a review, your choice of words matter a lot. A LOT!

This is one of the most important things in a book review. This is the part of the review for what the reader has come for so it is very important to put an honest and precise review.

Remember, what matters is how you put forth your point. Tell whether you liked the book or not, whether you liked the way it was written or not, how you found the plot to be.

IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT YOU DID NOT LIKE, convey your message in another separate paragraph with preferably a heading like- “what could have been better” or “what could have been improved“.

  • TIP:
    • I would really recommend you to avoid using words like– “pathetic”, “terrible”, “sick”, “shit” and similar words like that. Instead, you can use words like “unsatisfactory”, “disagreeable”, “unwelcomed” and similar words. This is just so much respectful and kind.

How To Conclude- Approaching To Close The Review | How To Write A Book Review?

tips on How to write a book review

As we are moving towards the conclusion of the book review, it is time for you to tell your reader whether or not you would recommend this book or not. If yes, then why and if no, explain why not.

If you are recommending the book to read, try relating it with similar and a bit popular books so that a reader will know what to expect or just the basic idea- which it may already have from the summary and general overview.

You can also write about how much would you rate the book overall or you can also divide different sections of the book and rate them separately. Make sure every rating is backed up by a proper explanation and reason.

You can totally avoid giving a star rating if writing professionally.

So this is it. Yes it is that simple to write a book review in a respectful manner even if you did not liked the book. So, next time when you read a review written carelessly, you make sure this article reaches them.

When we read, we EVOLVE!


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