Focusing on SELF Improvement and Care| 7 miraculous ways to Keep your mind healthy| 5 miraculous ways to Keep your body happy!|
5 Aug 2020

Focusing on SELF Improvement and Care| 7 miraculous ways to Keep your mind healthy| 5 miraculous ways to Keep your body happy!|

Post by Nikita Prajapati

Self Improvement and Self care- Many times you’ll find yourself in so confusing situations that you’ll not be able to understand what is exactly happening.

Whether this happens inside your mind, body, heart or otherwise. You’ll feel blocked and not know what to do.


Well, I do feel this way. Sometimes I feel my mind has closed itself and has just stopped accepting and engaging with new information.

Sometimes my body feels like that too. It feels tired all the time.

And I feel, that is how it is trying to tell me to take care of myself and that “SELF-CARE” and self improvement is needed.

If that is happening to you too, your mind and body are behaving not so effectively, please take that as a red flag and focus on self care and self improvement ASAP!

Why Self Improvement and Self Care?

Self improvement and self care

Self care, according to me is accepting all your flaws and still appreciating and love yourself.

Self improvement, according to me is focusing on those flowers and improving and rectifying them.

Both these terms i.e. Self Improvement and Self care are very heart warming and wonderful practices.

The very thought of Taking Care of Yourself gives so much of happiness. Isn’t it?

What do I do?

Whenever things are out of control for me, I try practicing and adapting different positive habits which work like miracle everytime. And leave me astonished as if it was the first time!

Here, I share my SELF CARE and SELF IMPROVEMENT (should be a) routine so that you guys can be healthy physically and mentally and never stop growing!

Self-Improvement and Care: How to focus on mind?

Taking care of mind

Here are 7 Habits you can firmly adopt and rejuvenate your mind!

Stop Over thinking.

So, one of the major reasons why your mind is blocked or is not accepting new information can be because of your overthinking.

Whatever you are thinking right now may not even exist or your head might have created a mountain of situations one over another.

If you think this is your problem check out the article linked below to stop overthinking right away!

Write Down!

This is one of the most recurring thing I say and I can bet I will keep on saying this to you to write down everything that comes to your mind in what ever way.

Write it the way just as they come to your mind. In raw form. That’s when your thoughts are the purest.

Talk and EXPRESS!

Now, I know most of you might keep things inside you and not tell those to anybody.

What actually happens is that thing starts disturbing you and your mental peace silently. And brain says “STOP IT!”

So what I will suggest is that you must share your feelings and thoughts and express yourself to someone who understands you, and genuinely cares about you.

Watch healthy or motivational content.

I have said this earlier too, I will say it now as well.

Your personality reflects the content that you consume.

So whenever you feel that your mind has stopped accepting things and is not working as efficiently as it should, just consider and check if you are consuming healthy content or not.

If not, you must try watching some motivational content or at least some healthy content like stand ups and light hearted videos.

Stop Complaining and Comparing.

Once you stop complaining about the things that you don’t have and the things that others have, and stop comparing what you have versus what the other has, things become a lot of easier for you and your mind.

Rather focus on what you have and how you can improve yourself.

How you can be better than you were yesterday, and how can you be better tomorrow than today!


Well well well! If this isn’t something that keeps on popping in my list.

But meditation deserves a spot in every list. Meditation calms your mind down and brings your body and soul at one place working all together, very efficiently.

Write affirmations.

Writing affirmations is the term given for the things you write in your cute little journal for which you are thankful and grateful.

Now, why you should write affirmations is to shift your focus from what you do not have to what you do have, and what all things you have to be thankful for.

If you don’t know how to, check out the article linked below.

Self Improvement and Self Care:. Taking Proper Care and Improving your Body.

Taking care of body

Before I talk about what you should do, let me tell you what YOU SHOULD NOT DO if your body or mind isn’t feeling well.


Yes. a nap isn’t the solution. A you know you do that. To temporarily escape your issue, you do TAKE A NAP. DON’T YOU?

Coming to what you should do. Listed are 5 things I try to and am currently working on and would want you to join me!

Dont Procrastinate.

Procrastination is such a devil. It can’t be put into words.

If you have this attitude, please change it. It will lead you to a great mess. Either mentally or physically!

Still if you’re having a hard time Planning your stuff, check;

Go on morning or Evening walks.

Morning or evening walks are such a stress buster! Whenever you feel your body complaining, just take it for a morning or an evening walk.

Try to go both the times! It will HELP!


A little stretching is so so so comforting. It’s like telling your body that you care about it.

A little stretching for your back, legs, neck and waist is all you need! So buck up!

Watch your sleep Schedule

This is something most of the people don’t care about. This carelessness in your sleep is reflected by the laziness and you being LETHARGIC.

So, you better make a sleep schedule and follow it! Imagine having a sleep schedule!

YOGA for life!


The way yoga aligns the brain, mind and body, nobody and no one can.

Yoga’s physical benefits aren’t hidden. I need not tell you how important it is for your and the body and mind of mine.

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