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JAMES PATTERSON: The Perfect Example for “OLD IS GOLD”!

James Patterson is an American Author, philanthropist and the author of Amazing novel series of Alex Cross (25 books) and first one being “ALONG CAME A SPIDER”.

James Patterson
James Patterson

James Patterson was born on 22 March 1947 (73 years) in NEW YORK, UNITED STATES. His full name is James Brendan Patterson.

Awards: James Patterson


He is so well known for his writings and not just known, also well recognised and has won several awards.

Some of his gloriously won awards are

  1. Edgar Award for Best First Book in 1976
  2. Best first Novel By an American Author in 1977 and
  3. Audii Award for Thriller and suspense in 2017.

James Patterson- Best Works

Well, an author with so many awards do not need any description anymore. Anyhow, some of his best works are:

  • Alex cross
  • Michael Bennett
  • Women’s Murder club
  • Maximum ride
  • Daniel X
  • NYPD Red
  • Witch and Wizard
  • Along Came a Spider
  • Private series as well as other thrillers, non- fictions and romantic novels.

Along Came A Spider (Alex Cross: Book 1) Novel By James Patterson- Overview

Along Came A Spider
Along Came a Spider: book by James Patterson

Along Came A Spider is a classic Crime Thriller Genre Novel originally published in February 1993.

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Now, these are the novels you can die for! The novel has 435 pages in all (each page worth the taste). This was James Patterson’s first novel in his series with Forensic Psychologist Alex Cross.

The success of this book “Along Came A Spider” led to it’s 25 SEQUELS as of 2019!

The glory of this book was also adapted in a film in 2001 with the same name Along Came A Spider.

The book was published back in 1993 as already mentioned by publishers Little, Brown and Company.

Alex Cross :Along Came A Spider- Plot

Two black prostitutes and an infant are found brutally murdered in their apartment in Washington DC.

Homicide investigator and forensic psychologist Alex Cross is all set to investigate their horrible murder case.

At the same time, at an exclusive private school a maths teacher Gary Soneji kidnaps Maggie Rose Dunne and Michael Goldberg- 2 White Americans.

Cross is pushed to investigate the kidnapping instead of the murder case.

Alex is very angry because everyone is more concerned for the kidnapping than the terrible murder that took place lately.

As the investigation goes deeper it is later discovered that the same man is behind the killings as well as the kidnapping that took place.

Cross also finds out after investigation that Gary has a split personality disorder taking advantage of which he hypnotised him several times to find out where the kidnapped children are kept.

The two of these personalities are Gary Murphy and Gary Soneji.

Gary Murphy is a decent, innocent and family man whereas Gary Soneji is a sociopath who is obsessed with kidnapping and has the aim to become the biggest criminal in the world!

The teacher buries the children in his backyard alive! Can you imagine people?

What is Happening you guys??


Along Came A Spider- Book Review (s)

“I enjoyed the many, many plot twists; Soneji/Murphy constantly evading capture was thoroughly entertaining. I also really enjoyed Patterson’s writing style, it differed so much, understandably, from today’s detective novels. No mention of this fancy technology we have today. When you read so many newly released books (within the last few years), it’s nice to mix it up every now and again with an older book. I can see why this book was chosen to be made into a film. Morgan Freeman plays Detective Cross, who doesn’t like Morgan Freeman, I’m off to watch the film now….Read More.

From Back cover Of Alex Cross Book 1:

The whole nation was in uproar when two celebrity rich kids were kidnapped – and then one of them was found dead. For such a high-profile case, only the top people would do: Alex Cross, a detective with a PhD in psychology, and Jezzie Flanagan, a fast-rising young Secret Service agent. Yet even they were no match for the killer. He could switch from blood-crazed madness to clear-eyed sanity in an instant. But was he the helpless victim of a multiple-personality disorder – or a brilliant, cold-hearted manipulator?

Have you read this Book? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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