9 Best First Impression Hacks to know in 2020 and for life!
13 Jul 2020

9 Best First Impression Hacks to know in 2020 and for life!

Post by Nikita Prajapati

If you want to have good relationship with someone, you need to have a perfect first impression. This is a really common experience. Right?

First Impression

Everyone asks you to put on an amazing first impression but no one tells you how to leave the perfect first impression. But no worries. This article will tell you just what you need to know! So buck up and follow!

How first impression work?

I am not a psychologist but some psychology works here. If what others think of you matters then pay attention to how people see you the very first time you meet them.

If first impression and meeting goes well, it is more likely to lead to a social cohesion in your favour.

To know more about this,

How To Leave a Perfect First Impression?

So, does that happen to you to?

Suppose, you just see your acquaintance doing something really random and you just form an impression. Let’s just say, a bad impression and when the bond between you and your acquaintance grows you realise that so wrong you were!

But what to do inorder to leave the everlasting best or atleast good first impression? Let me tell you. Try the following:

1. Confidence is the key!


A person with “Good morning sir/ma’am.” Is more likely to leave a good impression than a person with “aa… ahh… Good morning sir!” You getting my point?

Confidence is always the key!

No matter what field. Confidence always has the power to take you to the top. Or it is something that atleast makes you begin with your journey.

2. Smile, please?

Smile Please

You, yourself tell me. Whom do you like more? A person that smiles at you or a person who has a resting face?

A person who smiles at you. Right? Why? Because their smile makes you feel good.(unless not a creep! BEWARE OF THEM!).

A little smile has the power to radiate so many positive vibes. Hence, leaving a good impression.

3. The Communication

Once again. A person who has good communication skills is more likely to leave a better impression. Why? Because of their ability to express themselves more clearly.

No one likes glitches. Make sure you speak clearly whatever you speak. Be it the meaning or the pronunciation. And you’re good to go!

4. The Presentation

Let’s see. Imagine you’re a coach and you’re to select a team for inter-college football match. You organise a selection venue and players for selection begin to arrive with full enthusiasm. Then there’s one odd player wearing casual slippers and T-shirt. Isn’t it absurd? Will you select that person in the team?

The way you present yourself and your content goes a long way. Be prepared ACCORDING TO THE OCCASION.

5. Eye Contact

This is simple. A person that makes eye contact grabs attention and seems more confident and outgoing. There’s no other way I can say this.

6. Posture and body language

A person who walks straight and firmly seems more open than someone who walks slowly, sadly and just poorly.

Similarly the way you sit, place and make yourself comfortable and presentable leaves a very good impression upon the other person.


Haha. This one’s written in caps because it is important.

There’s no way a person whom you’re meeting for the first time ever will hear how your cat swallowed a ball and you had to take it to the doctor’s.

So, be punctual and leave a good image behind you.

8. Be you!

While you have to make a good impression, you need also to realise that you should not hide the real you. Be true, let it come!

9. Politeness Matters

Calm and Polite

Imagine meeting someone who is rude to the waiter! This sounds gross and it is gross. A person who is polite and firm definitely leaves a better first impression than rest of the people!

Enough of Do’s for Impression. Let’s now focus on DONOT’S WHILE MEETING SOMEONE FOR THE FIRST TIME!

So, up until now I told you what to do when you are going to meet someone for the first time and how to behave while leaving a first impression. But what about what NOT TO DO WHILE MEETING SOMEONE FOR the first time? So, here are the things you should avoid while you are going to meet someone for the first time and want to leave a good first impression:

1. Avoid Negativity

“Oh! I so don’t like the way this music is.”

“Oh look what Kylie wore! She’s too much!”

“I so want to go to Zara but you see can’t. Because I had to meet you!”

Please avoid Negativity all the time and especially while meeting someone for the first time. Just don’t use such phases. AVOID!

2. Anything that might make someone uncomfortable.

“Excuse me, there’s some cabbage in your teeth!”

“Excuse me, are you straight?”

“You look fat in that dress!”


3. Ah, I expected…

“OMG! I expected you to be fairer/darker.”

OMG! I expected you to be taller/shorter.”

“OMG! I expected you to be slimmer/fatter”


4. I, Me and Myself


“I am the king of the whole world”

“I am Mr./Ms. Know-it-all!”

“I know how to do everything!”

No! That is a misconception you have. You don’t know how to behave when talking to someone for the first time!

If you think you’re an angry bird,

If you overthink alot,

If you want to manage your time,

I am Nikita Prajapati. A student, blogger, pianist, karateka, poet, reader, hopeless romantic and a lame comedian. Fortunately, I knew early that my heart has a deep set passion for writing, poems, books and literature and I decided to follow it!


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