3 Sep 2020


Post by Nikita Prajapati

What can be the perfect teacher’s day present? The role of a mentor and a teacher is so important in our lives we can’t even imagine. Hence, choosing a perfect teacher’s day present is going to be difficult! NO DOUBTS!

This teacher’s day is Going to be so different. No schools hence No greetings and joy on that day!

A teacher is someone who enters our lives when we are not even able to speak a single word and teaches us everything from zero, to the difficult integration and differentiation equations as well!

From writing a single ‘A’ , to the poetic devices in literature. All the metaphors and alliterations and what not?

Teacher's day quotes

A teacher need not to be someone who has a stick in its hand and is scolding you every now and then.

It can be your friend, a person who regularly waters it’s plants daily, someone who is helpful, Or just someone who taught you something (you saw that coming).

Since teacher’s day is here in two days, we obviously can’t teach them anything (cause that’s not in syllabus) but from our part we can obviously show our gestures through a simple yet the Perfect teacher’s day present. And what better Present than a book (they should know how we feel. Haha!)?

A book is a teacher in itself. Have you ever noticed that sling which is attached to the book-The Bookmark? It teaches us that it’s okay to take breaks.

Here I present you 7 Books to give your teacher the Perfect Teachers Day present!

7 Books to GIVE your teacher the Perfect Teacher’s Day Present!

Perfect Teacher's Day Present

1.What Teachers make- In praise of the Greatest job in the world by Taylor Mali

Books for your teacher
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Taylor Mali is an American humour author, voice over artist and Poet. In the book What teachers make, he says-

There is one thing that teachers can sometimes do that parents cannot: see a child’s potential objectively.” In what could be construed as a negation of home schooling, he says, “Teachers have a unique perspective. We generally don’t have to pick up dirty laundry off the floor of the bathroom or enforce bedtimes. Consequently, we see our students through more dispassionate glasses than their parents.

Taylor Mali

It was his poem call “What teachers make” in the book that brought him into fame.

2.Thank you teacher by Sandy Gingras

This small little book is a perfect present for your teacher if you don’t want to consume so much of your teacher’s time.

This book is so small that it literally can fit into the teacher’s purse yet so meaningful.

It has small arts and paintings that touch the mind.

3.The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist suits all the kind of people (international bestseller for a reason).

The book is written by Paulo Coelho in the late 80’s and still is selling so many copies every day.

The book is all about chasing dreams, strong will power and living life. A book like this is such a great gesture on Teachers’ day for your teacher and can be the perfect teacher’s day present for your teacher! What say?

4.The Miracle Morning by Hal Erold

The miracle morning
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Although a self help book, this book can surely be gifted to your teacher.

You never know what stuff someone is going through.

The book “The Miracle Morning” is written in such an easy language and WHAT INCREDIBLE CONTENT is put together by the author!

The book has a list of life S.A.V.E.R.S. which literally could change anyone and it’s life.

If only I were a teacher, I’d have loved this book as a present. So, this would have been a perfect teacher’s day present for me!

5. I Am The Mind by Deep Trivedi

I’m sorry if I can’t Stop praising this book! I personally had to buy this book and it was so-so worth the money!

Had I gotten this from my students, the feeling would have been on the ninth sky!

The book is written by Deep Trivedi-one of the best life coaches in India. He knows what he is writing and has seen that happening practically.

In the book I am the Mind, Trivedi has explained clearly the difference between How a brain functions vs how a mind functions.

This is a perfect teacher’s day present if your teacher loves in depth knowledge about human psychology and life.

6. Lady You’re Not A Man by Apoorva Purohit

For those of you all don’t know, Apoorva Purohit is the CEO of India’s first private Radio station-Radio city.

This book “Lady, You’re Not a Man” is a perfect teacher’s day present (preferably Lady teacher).

This book describes all the juggles and struggles a lady has to go through while maintaining a stable work life and a happy home life as well.

Why this book?

This book can be gifted to your teacher because it is so obvious, being a teacher isn’t an easy job.

One has to stay motivated and also stay late night so that they can grade your tests, prepare lectures for the next day and doing the household chores along side all this.

This book is a perfect teacher’s day present or any other day is just perfect as well for your teacher because you can show your gesture and tell them how you understand what they’re going through.

7.Wise or Otherwise by Sudha Murthy

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Sudha Murthy is one of the most influential people and woman in this generation. She’s the co-founder and chairperson of INFOSYS FOUNDATION.

This book “Wise or Otherwise” is a collection of 51 most amazing, inspiring, notorious short tales from her life in which life has surprised her and how she won all the hearts.

This book also teaches us how someone can be so great yet so generous.

Why this book is the perfect Teacher’s Day Present for your teacher?

This is because,

  • a) This is a great book to be read.
  • b) Everything is so beautifully written that the reader can do nothing but just keep on Reading and Relate to it!
  • c) had I been a teacher and Present like this book would have made my heart so warm.

Now, what do you think do YOU think there are more “Perfect Teacher’s Day Present” books? If yes, what?

Just tell me something, am I the only one who gets over excited when it comes to books or am I a huge doofus?

If you’re not a book fan like me, it’s totally upto you about what else you want to do and what your Perfect Teacher’s Day Present would be like. It can be a anything meaningful and need not be expensive.

If not books? Flowers are also a good option for your fav. Teacher as the Perfect Teacher’s Day Present!

You still need more ideas for Present? Nothing to worry about!

Anyways, are you planning to give your teacher the best book or any Present? Just tell me which of the above or what else you’re planning!

I am Nikita Prajapati. A student, blogger, pianist, karateka, poet, reader, hopeless romantic and a lame comedian. Fortunately, I knew early that my heart has a deep set passion for writing, poems, books and literature and I decided to follow it!


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