Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week-Details to  the better one for YOU!|End the Mess!
6 Jul 2020

Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week-Details to the better one for YOU!|End the Mess!

Post by Nikita Prajapati

Planning a day v/s Planning a Week– Humans function differently. So will the ways of planning will.

There’s no denying to-

Planning is evolution.


Planning means constant or sometimes accelerating growth which is wonderful to watch as well as experience.

In order to plan your life, you should start planning your day with the same motivation and enthusiasm!

Time Management Tragedy of 2020

Everything was going great and well. Everything was so on track (or atleast was coming on track) and suddenly the whole world’s is hit by a severe pandemic.

Suddenly everyone is inside their homes and life, it stopped!

People were struggling. Mentally and emotionally.

Well, one good way to take care of your mental and emotional health can be practicing gratitude and mindfulness.

The far fetched schedule that was supposed to make us successful had to be kept aside because life just changed!

It was no longer ‘rush to the work/school’ life! It became “stay home and be safe” life.

Life during COVID and 2020- Constant struggle.

Life in Covid-19 time management [2021]

Ever since the lockdown started due to this world wide pandemic of Corona virus disease-2019, everyone is stuck at home and everyone’s lifestyle has gone through a drastic, dramatic and sudden change.

Those highly packed days when there wasn’t even the time to stop and breathe properly, suddenly became loose and lousy ones.

Maintaining a lifestyle, bringing back their routine and going smooth is one thing everyone is trying to figure out before everything gets back to normal.

“Haha” at Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week

The year 2020 made everyone so lazy that the very thought of Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week wouldn’t have come to anyone’s mind.

There were only two types of people out there:

The ones who wanted to “chill”

Time Management 2020

As soon as the lockdown started there were people who decided to ‘Netflix and chill’. They couldn’t think of anything but to chill.

Those who wanted to utilize their time

Now these are the ones who were determined to bring a revolution.

Who posted motivational quotes, were actually motivated and finally did something.

These guys planned out their lockdown. Forget about Planning a Day v/s Planning a week!

You bet I was the first one. And nothing’s bad in that. You got to give sometime to yourself too.

We will never get this time back. And there’s nothing bad in chilling. I count that as an essential for life and that is why I chose to be the first type.

Alongside, I cannot question why someone wouldn’t want to be the second type.

Everybody knows the importance of money. Additionally, if you can earn from within the coziness of your bed, that’s even more fascinating!

Here’s how the Idea Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week came

So, life was going all good; I was chilling but something just didn’t feel right. I kept on chilling and time used to pass by. I had no idea of what day or date or time it is.

I became all ignorant about everything. Chill life is not as fancy as it sounds. Right?

Soon after my online classes banged on but until, I had already destroyed my sleep schedule and spoilt and ruined myself completely!
“At one time, even chilling becomes boring!”
Could you relate? I bet you did.


Time Management 2021 | Planning a day v/s Planning a Week

And that came out of personal experience LOL.

Anyways, after a few days I found myself struggling to do even regular chores and I had to get my life back on track and ‘planning’ was just the word for it.

But it wasn’t that easy.

Sticking to the plan was secondary; making the perfect one was the real hard part.

How do you start to Plan?|Planning a Day v/s Planning a week?

There are different plans a person can plan its day depending on its schedule.

For some, planning a day might work while for others, planning their week might work wonders. Some on the other hand, might strive to find the perfect blend of the two.

Planning a day v/s Planning a Week has always been a constant struggle to figure out.

Here we have, how is it. Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week. Now and forever!


planning a day
Planning a day- plan a day v/s Planning a week

Benefits of Planning a Day.|Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week

  • Planning a day goes a long way.
  • It gives you a sense of motivation and keeps you active for the whole day.
  • It keeps you focused for the rest of the day.
  • It gives you a sense of accomplishment and gives a tinge which cannot be explained (in a good sense).

How to start planning a day?

Planning a day can include the smallest chores you want to do.

From making your bed-making your morning tea-complete a particular portion for studies-read 1 chapter in a book.

These are all small little things which people don’t do out of laziness or forget to do (out of laziness)!
You should know how your day looks like a night before or just after you wake up.

Well,in a nutshell we all forgot what etiquettes were.

What to do?|Planning a Day

How to start Planning a Day

Keep a separate journal for planning or download applications where you can easily manage or maintain the lists of your tasks and check the progress made.

  • But if you’re using a journal, try these!
  • Write down everything you want to get done.
  • Make tick boxes in front of tasks, this makes the tasks more fun!
  • Prioritise in order of preference to know what you want to get done first.
  • Knock down each task after it is done. This will make you feel accomplished.
  • TIP: If you’re new to this planning a day game, try not to go too harsh on yourself. Don’t make a list with a lot of tasks.

Take baby steps first and then start running.


planning a week
Plan a Week- Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week


Benefits of Planning a Week
Benefits of Planning a Week
  • Planning a week gives you a broader horizon of upcoming time.
  • You get to take out proper and plenty of time for each activity.
  • You can easily distribute your work along the week.
  • You can be prepared for your upcoming events in advance.

How to start planning a week?

This is a bit long term. This goes without saying that Planning a Week includes planning in advance about the tasks which you want to get done in the coming week.

This may include major events for the coming week.

Going out for shopping, preparing for tests, maybe making a handmade gift for someone (idk)?

What to do?|Planning a Week

a) Write down all the things you want to do.
b) Figure, plan and evaluate.
c) Plan and make a day-wise plan.
e) Make room for last minute chores when Planning a Week. They always show up!
f) Make a road map for progress. You’ll feel good when you’ll see your bicycle moving forward on it.
Again, don’t go too harsh on yourself while planning your week.

Even if you do so, make your day wise plan such that you don’t lag behind your schedule.

This might put some pressure on you.

What works best?|Planning a Day v/s Planning a Week

On a personal note, planning a day works better for me.

It keeps me going but this doesn’t mean planning a week is a bad idea. Humans function differently. What might work for me, might not work for you.
I initially worked on both and figured out what worked better for me.

Now that you’ve read the whole article, you can either figure out here what you find comforting or you can practically try each and then make a decision.

And do tell me here about what you think.

When we read, we Evolve!


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