5 Aug 2020


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SELF HELP BOOKS- The connection between reading and improving on a personal and intellectual level is undeniable.

The more you read, the more you are working on yourself. Means, the more you are growing.

Self help

In this covid-19 situation where living a life is not seeming easy and the times don’t look like leaving the earth too soon, people seem to be sinking inside themselves quite faster than usual.

Mental health of people worldwide and India has been affected really tremendously in this covid-19 situation happening. And stats are surprisingly high!

Check out the article below to have a look at stats:

By saying all these things I don’t want to scare the hell out of you people but here I am talking about BOOKS! AGAIN!

So, in this article I will be telling you about self help books.

  • What are self help books,
  • How self help are helpful and
  • 5 SELF HELP books you must read if you are going through to a breakdown in this lockdown!

What are SELF HELP books?

What are self help books

So these books are written so that you can Help yourself.

The main intention behind these books is to solve problems weather at intellectual level, spiritual level, or mental level.

The books might talk about, and do talk about professional as well as personal life as to give a vivid and broad perspective about life.

You can also consider them as motivational books because if you read them with focus and concentration they hit you at the exact spot where you need to be hit.


SELF help books to read in 2020

You might be wondering no matter how hard I am trying physically, no matter how hard I am struggling, nothing is actually happening but how things will change when I will read a self-help book?

Wasn’t it that you were thinking?

Well the answer is here.

Self help books are mostly written by successful people who literally start from zero.

When you read a book like that you relate to certain circumstances or situations described by the author at a personal level.

Not only the problem is described so nicely, in so simple words but also how did the author tackled the situation and how hard it was for him to get through it.

So you get an idea if not about everything but some things and you at least get a small way out of your situations.

Focus on those small ways out and come out with the biggest!

Now, when you start relating to all those words written in the book, you start getting more ideas and your brain becomes more active.

I hope you got your answer!

5 SELF HELP BOOKS You MUST read in 2020!

Now, that you know what are self help books and how they are helpful I am going to recommend you 5 self help books that I have personally read and there and have helped me a lot because I want you to get the best!

1. Wise or Otherwise by Sudha Murthy.

Sudha Murthy is the chairperson of Infosys foundation, a teacher, a social worker and ofcourse an amazing author! The book is written in really simple language. It has 51 short stories from her own life and how she has won the heart of millions in just a snap!

The books is a MUST READ!

Also check out more about the amazing author below.

2. Lady, you’re not a Man by Apurva Purohit

This book has worked wonders for so many women you won’t even know.

In the book, Lady, you’re not a man, Apurva Purohit, the author has shared how she is managing her well and ongoing career and the family. The book is remarkable and one more MUST READ!

Apurva Purohit is an Indian Businesswoman. She is the President of Jagran Prakashan Ltd. The Jagran Prakashan Ltd owns publications like Dainik Jagran, Mid Day, Inext, and Inquilab along with India’s first private FM radio station Radio City (Indian radio station).

Know more about the author and tap the button below:

3. I am the Mind by Deep Trivedi.

The self help book “I am the Mind” is one of the most charismatic self help books I’ve read.

The author Deep Trivedi describes so clearly yet deeply how the mind works and what the mind is. The way the author differentiated between the brain and the mind is really tremendous. Again, MUST READ!

Deep Trivedi is a renowned author, speaker and pioneered in spiritual psychodynamics who writes and conducts lecture with an all-pervasive perspective guiding an individual towards the achievement of his full potential.

I am the Mind

Learn more about author. Tap on the button below:

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This amazing SELF HELP Book by Robert T. Kiyosaki tells about his experience of living with Two dads. One was his own dad, the “Poor dad” and the Other was his best friend’s dad, the “Rich Dad” if you’re interested in motivation and money, this books is the first pick.

Robert T. Kiyosaki is an American businessman and a well known author.He has written more than 25 books out of which one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ABOVE!

Know more about the author Robert T. Kiyosaki

5. You can WIN! By Shiv Khera

“YOU CAN WIN” is the reason due to which I know that self help books exist.

This is the first self help book I read.

The book is different. It takes you to the right zone. The deep content merged with short stories makes reading more fun!

The author Shiv Khera is an Indian author, activist and an exceptional professional speaker. More details about the author here.

My journey of reading and improving has been made so easy by these books. All these books are written in really easy and understandable language. A tinge of maturity with little touch humour is found in all of these books.

I hope you liked the article! If you know someone who might need to read any of these books or this article, please share it with them!

If you’re having a hard time or if you’re confused about how to start reading, you should definitely read one of my articles called “Start reading in 2021

Happy reading you guys! Also tell me which of these books are you going to read!

When We Read We Evolve!

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