How to Stay Motivated in 2020|7 Simple tips to stay motivated everyday!
30 Aug 2020

How to Stay Motivated in 2020|7 Simple tips to stay motivated everyday!

Post by Nikita Prajapati

In everyone’s life, there’s a phase when you struggle to get up from the bed. You don’t know what to do, how to do and basically anything!

But you also know how important it is to stay motivated to keep going. Life, especially in year 2020 has been already very difficult.

How to stay motivated

It’s like the whole stock of problems and conflicts is being imposed at once! And not only on you, ON THE WHOLE WORLD!

And if you’re feeling not so motivated or enthusiastic, just know that it’s okay once in a while to feel like that. But realise that it is not how you’re supposed to feel.

THIS IS NOT HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL and you have to know how to stay motivated in 2020 because this is not how things gonna work out this year. 2020 needs special efforts!

Why don’t you stay motivated?


There could be several reasons for this. Maybe you’re going through stuff which you couldn’t share with anyone, some recent happenings are affecting you or you could just be OVERTHINKING! And that happens!

Sometimes you (and me) create and make things up in our heads and feel like a bagel for literally no reason at all.

We worry about things that don’t even exist. And oh! This thing works great just in case you were thinking about your crush( that is the only time you don’t need to know “how to stay motivated?”).

And if this is the case, you need to stop overthinking ASAP!

Why to stay motivated?

Stay motivated in 2020

This, first of all is a very silly thing to ask and even to answer!

But of course if we’re here living a life, we’ll need our own reasons to keep going especially in 2020 which is already giving the whole earth some serious issues.

Motivation is something that comes from within. You don’t actually have to get on the streets and look for it.

This is not something which will be hiding behind a barrel or anything like that.

Either it is there, or it is not. There’s never an “in between” between these two.

There is always something inside you which is making you live a life of your own so, why not to turn it into a good purpose and lead life like hell!

The purpose is always within.

Your motive to be motivated could simply be your own or someone’s smile.

It’s That Easy!

7 Simple Tips To Stay Motivated in 2020!

On one hand while I say finding motivation is a simple deed, on the other hand execution of the purpose and actually staying motivated is something we’re struggling with.


1. Believe in Yourself

One of the main reasons people aren’t motivated or don’t feel like doing anything or aren’t enthusiastic is because they don’t believe in themselves.

They deprive themselves before anyone else could. They make themselves feel guilty just by thinking “what if I could not do it?”

So, the first step has to be faith. In Yourself.

2. Be in the moment

What happens, happens for a reason. Now some of you might think “stop giving me crap!” But this is one of the most underrated rules of the nature.

And you can’t deny, the worst things happen to take out the best from you.

So, currently if something bad has happened to you and you’re unmotivated over that, I’d say it is bound to happen but totally unnecessary too.

So, just be in the moment and do what it takes to make that moment happiest.

3. Check What’s Bothering You

Many a times we don’t know exactly what is bothering us and making us feel low.

A simple way to find out why you’re not feeling motivated or energetic can be to actually take a day off from everything and introspect What’s that thorn which is pinching you and why.

4. Accepting Whatsoever Comes your way

The best part about introspection is that not only the root cause of why you are feeling demotivated comes out but also several other minor issues which has been or might have been bothering you come out as well.

The main cause of why you are feeling demotivated is something you are not able to tell anybody so it’s better that you accept whatsoever is coming your way, appreciate it and if it is some flaw, work on it. But I must say flaws are beautiful and acceptance is the way out!

5. Write Down what is stopping you!

Well yes. I know I’ve mentioned “write down” alot times before as well but I’ve also said WRITING THINGS DOWN IS THE BEST SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING!

Once you write down things, not only the root thing which is stopping you, but also several other small and minor issues which might also add to the fact that you are demotivated come along.

So just right everything that you feel is stopping you from growing and is not letting you be a better person.

This will help you see what actually is stopping you and is the motivating you.

6. Confront Whatsoever Comes your way.

If you pay some deep attention, you will notice that the people who are always motivated are never scared to confront their fears.

If you want to tell someone anything, GO TELL THEM!

If you are not answering the calls of a creep just because you are scared, ANSWER THAT PHONE!

Lett that creep know that YOU ARE NOT A COWARD but someone who knows how to confront and face their fears and see yourself glow even in the dark!

And when you don’t have anything negative in mind to think about, you focus more and motivate others as well!

7. The Motivation Mantra


I cannot stress enough on this. If you’re motivated and all energetic, things are easier for you to think and understand.

Now picture yourself all energetic and up to date with the schedule and work. That energy in you says “Bro, let’s have a break tonight. We’ll do the work tomorrow.”

Now, since you were energetic, you said yes and that’s where you’d go wrong.

One day is made for one type of tasks and purposes. And the moment you decide you don’t want to do it, you start running behind the schedule.

You don’t know what next day holds!

And this is the best and worst part!


So focus on today and TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Also, tell me what else do you do in case you don’t feel motivated?

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