These 9 upcoming books of 2021 Will Make You Love READING!
4 Feb 2021

These 9 upcoming books of 2021 Will Make You Love READING!

Post by Nikita Prajapati

Upcoming Books of 2021- Readers know, it’s a new year so time for a new TBR LIST or atleast upgrading the old one!

And in case you’re new to this lovely and little but huge reading world (we have some tips and books for you), and by any chance don’t know what TBR stands for, it stands for: “TO-BE READ”.

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If you look at it, this life is pretty amazing.


But what makes it worth living and more amazing is the new and old authors and how they put forth their mind and imagination in front of us- USING SIMPLE TEXT!

Now, This is pretty amazing!

So, to make your life amazing too, here we are. Adding the much needed pinch of salt to your life with these upcoming books of 2021.

If the authors are all set with their upcoming books of 2021,the readers are too!

Here we are, knowing in advance, the books which are going to be released in 2021 so that we have them in our hands or atleast on our TBRs even before they are out!

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Here we have 9 upcoming books of 2021 i.e. this year which, by the way are definitely some awesome suggestions for your and our TBR lists!

Upcoming books of 2021
List of 9 Upcoming Books of this year (2021)

According to us, the 9 Upcoming Books of 2021, which are worth giving a shot are:

  1. The Unbroken By C. L. Clark
  2. Game Changer By Neal Shusterman
  3. One Last Stop By Casey McQuiston
  4. Under The Whispering Door By T J Klune
  5. Cost Of Knowing By Brittney Morris
  6. Lost In The Never Woods By Aiden Thomas
  7. The Witches Steeped In Gold By Ciannon Smart
  8. Soulmate Equation By Christina Lauren
  9. The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

Let’s explore each one separately! ; )

But make sure not to miss out on John Green’s works! 7 YA books written by him.

THE UNBROKEN BY C.L. CLARK|1 of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021.

Books of 2021
Out of the world by CL Clark

‘The destinies of 2 women, one soldier and a princess becomes intertwined.”

“The unbroken by C.L. Clark is an epic political fantasy, North Africa inspired novel which includes Assassinations, rebellion and other cool or maybe not-so-cool stuff.

 Touraine is a soldier who was stolen in her childhood, raised to do or die for the empire and her loyalty is for her fellow recruits. Only Luca needs a turncoat.

Someone who can turn the rebels towards peace while Luca focuses on what really matters, getting her uncle off her throne. 

2 powerful women’s clashing in a world full of rebellion, assassination and massacres, something you should definitely be ready to add in your cart and definitely your ‘tbr’ list in 2021.

This book will be releasing on 23rd of March 2021. Be ready you all!

One of our most awaited upcoming books of 2021. No doubts.

GAME CHANGER BY NEAL SHUSTERMAN|2 of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021

2021 book releases
Game Changer By Neal Shusterman

Number 2 on the list of the upcoming books of 2021, we have the ‘Game changer’.

It is the latest release by the author of the wonderful books like ‘Scythe‘ and ‘Unwind‘ and is a young adult fantasy.

 The main character in this one of the upcoming books of 2021, Ash is a football player and one day during one of his games he gets hit. 

All it takes is one hit on the football field, and suddenly Ash’s life doesn’t look quite the way he remembers it. Everything is changed and certainly different. But he likes it…

He ends up in an entire different dimension after that hit and he keeps going back and forth through different dimensions throughout the course of the book. 

The changes start small, but they quickly spiral out of control as Ash slides into universes where he has everything he’s ever wanted, universes where society is not stuck in the past…

Universes where he finds himself looking at life through entirely different eyes.

And if he isn’t careful, the world he’s learning to see more clearly could blink out of existence. 

What is this? Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction or what? All we know, it’s certainly amazing!

Never read anything like this before, never heard anything like this before! Have you?

The book releases on 9th of February 2021! Hurry!

ONE LAST STOP BY CASEY McQUISTON|3 of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

 From the New York Times bestselling author of Red, White & Royal Blue comes a new romantic comedy that puts a queer spin on Kate & Leopold.

This book is a sapphic romance book with a little twist in it. 

So this story is about August (the main character) and her little sweet subway crush, Jane.

But then she realises that her subway crush is actually from the 1970s. Now August is going to have to use everything she tried to leave in her own past to help her basically with the “time travel” thing.

Books can do time travel you guys. Told you.

(Teen Love- like “when Dimple Met Rishi” is wayyyyyyyyy simpler than this! )

Maybe it’s time to start believing in some things, after all. She also has to make sure to not fall in love with Jane because obviously the time gap will make things super difficult for her.

Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop is a magical, sexy, big-hearted romance where the impossible becomes possible as August does everything in her power to save the girl lost in time. 

The book releases on 6th of may 2021. You ready readers?

UNDER THE WHISPERING DOOR BY T J KLUNE|4 of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021

Under the whispering Door by TJ Klune

T J Klune, the New York Times and USA Today, bestselling author of The House in the Cerulean Sea, writes another wonder.

Under the Whispering Door, a new contemporary fantasy about a ghost who refuses to cross over and the ferryman he falls in love with.

When a reaper comes to collect Wallace Price from his own funeral, he really in fact might be dead. 

Instead of leading him directly to the afterlife, the reaper takes him to a small village and particularly in a tea shop, run by a man named Hugo.

Hugo is the tea shop’s owner to locals and the ferryman to souls who need to cross over.

But Wallac isn’t ready at all to leave the life he hasn’t lived properly.

With Hugo’s help he finally starts to learn about all the things he missed in life.

The book seems full of romance, second chances, sweet moments with adorable characters that you might not want to miss at all. 

The book will be out on September 21, 2021. Is this book in your in 2021?

COST OF KNOWING BY BRITTNEY MORRIS|5 of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021

Cost of knowing by Brittney Morris

This book by Brittney Morris is a young adult fiction with a fascinating concept.

It deals with a certain curse or a kind of special ability of Alex Ruful, the main character. 

16 year old Alex Ruful is living with his Young brother, Isaiah in a quite neighborhood of Chicago and is trying to be the best.

The best employee at work, the best boyfriend for his amazing girlfriend, Talia and the best brother and protector for Isaiah. 

As much as he tries to live to live a normal life things aren’t going as planned. Alex has this weird ability to look into future by touching an object or person.

When he touches his car, he sees it underwater destroyed after years, when he touches Talia he sees their breakup which terrifies him to no end.

He feels these visions are a curse, distracting him, making him anxious and unable to live an ordinary life.

Life takes a turn when one day when he touches an old photo, he gets a vision of his brother’s death and, everything changes. 

Release date of the book is March 11 2021.

Be ready. You never know when the book gets all sold!

LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS BY AIDEN THOMAS|6 of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021

Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas

The author of the National book Award winner 2020 for his debut book “cemetery boys” Aiden Thomas  is back in 2021 with another fabulous work, lost in the never woods.

So this book is basically a dark contemporary re-imagining of the Peter pan canon and takes place in a small coastal town of Astoria, Oregon.

Where the main character Wendy and her brothers went missing 5 years ago in the woods and I believe she’s the only one of them to come back. 

Now things get real bad when weird stuff started happening when the children of the town start disappearing once again and people turn to Wendy for answer, bringing her back to the lime light.

While attempting to flee from her past, she runs over a boy, lying unconscious in the middle of the road, Peter, a boy she thought only existed in her imagination.

Together they set out to find and rescue the missing kids and the mystery begins to unfold. 

This book has a kind of super atmospheric vibe and I am sure the characters and the writing is going to be wonderful. AND OUT OF THE BOX.

Okay. This is in my tbr 2021 for sure!

The book will be out on March 23, 2021.


Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

On number 7 in upcoming books of 2021, we have The Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart.

I am sure everyone must have heard this famous idiom –

“enemy’s enemy is a friend”

But what would happen if the one who was supposed to be your friend just happens to be your enemy too? 

***real life flashback alerts***. Hahaha just kidding.

Anyways, if you are interested to find out, then witches steeped in gold by Ciannon Smart is the book for you.

 This book is a Jamaican inspired fantasy story in which two witches are dealing with their respective issue in life but the cause is a common enemy.

 Iraya has spent her life in a cell, but every new day brings her more closer to her freedom and – REVENGE.

On the other hand we have Jazmyne, who is a daughter of a queen, but unlike her sister she has no intentions of dying just to strengthen her mother’s powers. 

Both the witches hate each other, want to kill each other, but are forced to work together to beat a different common enemy.

 Divided by their casts, United by their Vengeance.


The book will be out to read for you on April 20, 2021.


Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Soulmate – someone which is desired by everyone.

When we talk about finding our soulmates usually we get filmy and magical ideas like just “an eye contact” which will be so magical and would be so hard to break.

A normal touch which would send shivers down your spine, the butterflies in your stomach and the loud thumping of your heart when someone you LOVE OR DESIRE is close to you.

But have any of you thought of finding your special someone through numbers (or are you also struggling to get your special someone’s number? Well, Same.)

But, more specifically through “Matching DNA’s”?

Jess Davis is a single mother and a Data and Statistics wizard. Where many of us hates numbers, but everything related to numbers can make sense to her.

 She was raised by her grandmother and now her grandmother is helping her to raise her 7 year old daughter, Juno.

 Jess’s father has never been around and her “ex” decided that he wasn’t a ‘father material‘ even before Juno was born automatically leading to feeling not so comfortable letting anyone in.

She doesn’t want to date anyone. But then Jess hears about GeneticAlly, a buzzy new DNA-based matchmaking service Finding a soulmate through DNA and the reliability of numbers: this Jess understands.

But things take a complete 360 degree turn when her DNA matches 98% to the founder of the app Dr. River Peena who according to Jess is already a stuck-up stubborn man.

This is a number she can’t wrap her head around. 

Well well well, what’s this mystery about?

The book on number 8 in our list of upcoming books of 2021 releases on 18th of May 2021. It’s a long wait. But a worth wait.

THE GILDED ONES BY NAMINA FORNA|9 of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021

Books of 2021
The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

On number 9, of our list of upcoming books of 2021, we have The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna.

Standing out from a crowd full of similar people can be thrilling. Right?

But what if it’s not the same case for everyone? 

‘The gilded ones’ is a science fiction fantasy and the Story of Deka, a 16 year old girl who feels different from her village members because of her not so natural intuitions.

She’s living in fear of the blood ceremony which will seal her fate. Therefore, she always prays for the blood to be in red.

 But on the Day of the ceremony everyone gets to know that her blood is gold in color rather than red which is the normal blood color for the villagers hence, leading to consequences worse than death. 

But a mysterious woman comes to her rescue and gives her 2 options, stay in the village and accept her fate or join her to fight for the emperor’s army with girls similar to hers. 

Knowing the dangers that lie ahead, she finds the later option better, leaving the only life she has ever known to find what the future has in store for her!

The book will be available online/in stores and releases on February 9, 2021.

Upcoming Books of 2021Date Of Book Release
1. The Unbroken By C. L. Clark23 March 2021
2. Game Changer By Neal Shusterman9 February 2021
3. One Last Stop By Casey Mcquiston6 May 2021
4. Under The Whispering Door By T J Klune20 September 2021
5. Cost Of Knowing By Brittney Morris11 March 2021
6. Lost In The Never Woods By Aiden Thomas 23 March 2021
7. The Witches Steeped In Gold By Ciannon Smart20 April 2021
8. Soulmate Equation By Christina Lauren18 May 2021
9. The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna9 February 2021
9 Upcoming books of 2021 with Release date

These upcoming books of 2021 are chosen for you by us with alot of hardwork and after alot of storming from thousands of other books releasing in 2021.

Suggested: “Great Expectations”- The PENULTIMATE by Charles Dickens.

When more than 1 million books being released in a year just in United States of America, when some books get fame, some don’t, finding just 9 books?

It’s not easy. But making it possible is what we do. We found these books best suited for us, and YOU.

Do let us know which of these upcoming books of 2021 are going to be on YOUR TBR!

And do share it with someone who is struggling to find a good book and looking for them out there!

Help them create their list by sharing this list of 9 Upcoming Books of 2021 with them and let’s not keep anyone away from the pleasure of reading we know how satisfying it is.

Also, tell us which of the upcoming books of 2021 you’ll be reading apart from these suggested. Because, When We Read, We EVOLVE!

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