What is SELF CONFIDENCE?| 10 MOST Effective Ways To ROCKET FUEL yours!
26 Jul 2020

What is SELF CONFIDENCE?| 10 MOST Effective Ways To ROCKET FUEL yours!

Post by Nikita Prajapati

The way to success lies in the amount of self confidence,and trust!


Self confidence is what you need!

SELF confidence

You don’t only need to be tremendously nerdy to be successful or happy or what ever! If you want to be successful (like everyone), you will need to understand the fact that you may have all the degrees and qualifications still, if you don’t have that trust and confidence on you, you will have to face twice the challenges that you would usually have to!

But if you’re struggling with “the best first impression”?

What is self confidence?

What is self confidence?

First it is not “arrogance” or ego.

Self confidence is “I will do 50 pushups in 1 minute!” Arrogance is “I can do 5000 push ups in one minute but will not!”

Self confidence it is the ability to assure yourself. It is what makes you stand on your own decisions.

It keeps on increasing as you keep on gaining experience and learning!

It is a must for life as you might already know it! Self confidence is not inborn. It just comes to you as you grow and nurture.

Sometimes it develops according to your upbringing, sometimes you have to put in efforts.

Anyways, we are all here putting in efforts for different things. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little less.


Once you get the master key, you can easily open all the doors. And that master key is self confidence.

But meanwhile,

it’s OK to have doubts, it’s OK to have fears. But it’s not ok, not to have its key.

But how to get that key?

Or do you already have it but lost it somewhere inside you?

Let’s find out!


10 ways to rocket fuel your SELF CONFIDENCE

But before you go further, just know that you’re enough for yourself. You don’t need anybody else to come to you and say – “Hey! Get some life AND SELF CONFIDENCE!” Now, below are really really easy and effective ways or Small steps that will gradually increase your SELF CONFIDENCE and you won’t even know!

Now, tighten the seat belt and let’s go!

1. Positivity


Always the first step towards anything is POSITIVITY.

Be it any heck of a thing. No matter how difficult or easy-peasy or whatever it is. If you don’t feel positive inside, only think about “self confidence”.

2. Act Positive.

Yes. Mind ain’t got no chill. If it can make you, it can destroy you as well and I need not to tell you that. So, rather than just thinking positive also act positive. And see the change!

3. Set Small goals and ACHIEVE them!

Small things give the greatest pleasures.

and I can’t stress enough on how accomplishing even the smallest ever tasks have boosted my SELF CONFIDENCE!

4. Say “NO!” To Procrastination!

Yes. This procrastination thing really affects your self confidence.

If you keep on procrastinating, your motivation level due to the task being incomplete keeps on going down and finally “boom!”

5. Accept your Insecurities.

Nobody is ever perfect.

Everyone has their own stories and their own insecurities.

The best thing to do is to accept them and embrace them. Nothing much, they will only support you and make you a better person.

6. Be CALM and Speak clearly.

You must be wondering how this might help your self confidence!

But it does. Imagine speaking something really important and someone says- “stop blabbering”! Now this will tremendously lower your confidence meter.

Why to take the risk? Be cautious and speak clearly. This will also improve your personality and communication skills!

7. Be prepared(for the worst).

So there is this philosophy of expecting the worst and putting the best efforts . And till date, I haven’t been able to get over this.

When I expect the least, anything I get provides me happiness and I can’t wish for anything more and obviously boosts my self confidence.

8. Stop COMPARING yourself!

Comparision is the root cause of all the sorrows.

You can’t ask a bird to swim and a fish to fly!

COMPARING yourself with others will always bring you a sense of despair.

How that person is just two centimetres taller than you or how you are just 1 kg heavier than the other person!

It doesn’t matter! You are you. And you will always be you.

No one else has that DNA. That specific unique DNA that you have.

So stop comparing yourself with others and appreciate what you have!

9. Try affirmations.

Affirmation is something that you say to yourself in this context. Something that you’re grateful for.

Thank you for the food I had, thank you for 1 more day to live, Thank you!

See how this works wonders.

NOW, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, your focus shifts on what you actually have and what you want. And the things that you are thankful for.

10. Meditation to the rescue!

I can’t even tell you how Positive effects meditation has on us and on self confidence!

It makes peace within us and makes us calm and composed! 🙂

So, whenever you feel the hustle and bustle inside you, meditate for atleast good 20 minutes.

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